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  1. sad to see you leaving thomas best of luck irl -master dice
  2. hello guys, today i have a suggestion for you to make chaotics and vestas and stats as dharoks how does that works... as everyone knows when dharoks be full like "dharoks platelegs"without numbers next to the barrows or dharoks or something else, i guess that we should make them as barrows because it might help alot of people but when people wants to fix it let it be more expensive like each barrows piece worth 3.5m to fix like stats/choatics//vestas/stats should be worth mroe to fix,and yeah let those numbers be next to them if you agree with me, leave a comment below -master dice
  3. looks great update coming up!good job pb
  4. #5 looks better than others
  5. you guys said "aog who" haaaaaaaaaaaa aog are you parents get rekt
  6. congratulations to who ever won!
  7. happy birthday
  8. welcome back
  9. dear players, today i got a suggestion about changing status and ranks from account to other by using prem points. how does it goes,you know everyone can change his dicer or super donator rank from main to alt or alt to main instead of doing this we should add one more feature and that who want to change all status from account to other like "total level" from a maxed account is 2178 everyone knows that,i think thats the new feature that we should add it,like if someone wants to change a rank and status from account to other should be more than paying 5k prem points like 15-20k prem points for each person who do that,or if he wants to change the status should pay like 10k prem points please leave a comment below thanks for reading-master dice
  10. will see
  11. yh i agree to make divine how it was before but not like spectral shield l chaotics yeah when does it be like about to destroy when the player gets in wild get like 80%so this can destroy after the fight
  12. voted to keep it cuz if the wild would be full of raggers no edge pkers will be in and it will be active but i think the rush... shouldn't be not allowed to do -master dice
  13. where could i type it
  14. stfu retards
  15. i support to add that but, if they add this shop the stats might be lower and the items gets sh*t as what happend to black elite