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  1. Yeah that's the exact idea. I'm glad everyone supports the idea Hadn't realised it was in RS but here's what it looks like
  2. I agree completely with you, even items such as d bones that were 50k a few days ago are now already 30-40k . While items appear to have prices, due to more items coming in game each day those prices are not relevant for very long. For that reason I have updated the price guide so that all prices read 'TBA' .
  3. Hey Everyone, With the new RC update i think it would be great if we could get an Omni Tiara in game. I think it would be really useful seeing as you can now create update 4 different types of runes. The Omni Tiara could be bought with RC points and would require you to use it on every altar to 'power' it. TheOmni Tiara would provide extra XP when creating any type of rune. (its possible Wicked Hood is better then my suggestion, not sure) Let me know your thoughts.
  4. I don't support a high combat level to enter a skilling area unless resources are fairly available else where. Skilling areas should not be restricted to combat level so that slillera can enter.
  5. Had pet has been in game for a long time but was previously buyable with tokkul. Great updates PB, seems like you nailed everything you wanted to. Marking Mining , Craft and RC semi automatic/Automatic is a fantastic idea , it will allow players to be alot more social while training them.
  6. Support. Ignore list should prevent any and all interactions with a player
  7. I know for sure instances are planned in the future.
  8. The way I would like bosses to be added to slayer tasks is similar to what you suggested. I liked both the ability to be assigned boss tasks (i.e kill 40 bandos) and also the ability to kill arma for task if assigned avanises etc. Imo boss tasks should be mixed in with other current tasks and players not only be given boss tasks. This option should also not be introduced until we have instances.
  9. This is Jessie This is Casper This is Rusty This is Jovi And don't let this ones size put you off, she runs the lot of them! this is Luca
  10. In-game name(s): J A I Z Will you be active within the wiki team?: Yes, I get quite a lot of time to play and even when not online I can still create xp tables/guides. Do you have prior experience editing a wiki?: Honestly no, I have never edited/worked for a wikia team before but i'm sure i'll learn fast once told what to do Why do you deserve to be in the wiki team?: While I haven't been a member of grinderscape for anywhere near as long as some people (I joined in august 2016) I feel I have progressed well in the game. With the new world comes new exp rates, coin reduction and possibly new , more efficient ways to train (such as doing diamonds instead of dragonstone, even though it is slightly less xp, it is far better exp / gp). My favourite thing to do in grinderscape is help people out and I figured this would be another great way of just that. Do you have any creative idea(s) for the wiki? Honestly what I really look forward to doing most if I get accepted would be to assist in the rework of exp tables and guides once all skills get reworked. . I have only made one guide so far and that was for the tasks 'dwarf assistance' and 'dwarf friendship' tasks (linked below) . I have never really been into video guides as I don't have any of the correct software but with the recent boss overhaul it is something I would consider getting into. Thanks for taking time to read and review my application. Here is the link to the guide I mentioned above.
  11. Support, would definitely like a slayer task only area. Also I like the idea of being able to add ring of wealth to slayer helm. Would be cool if we could get focus sight and hexcrest added to drops also so we could add this to slayer helm for range/mage tasks.
  12. Why is everyone against a tool belt? I don't see anything wring with having items such as a hammer, chisel etc in a players tool belt rather then having to bank if I forgot my hammer when Smith. I fully support this idea until someone provides a valid reason as to why this would not be a good update. Agreed. Shops should be fixed to contain basic items and restock daily. A skill rework for all skills is planned and a fully functioning grand exchange is being implemented , making it easier to obtain all these items. However for the mean time you can kill NPC's in sir vants training area @home to source many if not all clue related items such as bows. I'm not sure what you mean by this. If you mean first to make a list of items from scratch, these type of events do take place every so often and are hosted by our Event team.
  13. Best of luck with your studies mate, I hope they go well for you.
  14. Thanks for allowing us to guess again jack 365 763 294
  15. I think it'd be great if the wiki had a 'report' button that users could report and use to suggest corrections. Also there is already a guide for those two tasks