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  1. Voted No because I'm new to server and never pker before
  2. Sweet update @Pb600 can't wait wait for the weekly ones to start!!
  3. Disgusting bank
  4. Wish I was as good at the game as you are
  5. Grats jack, also nice to see you back ingame after you left. Regards, the actual best pker, Dour.
  6. Another war, another easy win for the gang.
  7. Lmfaoooooooooo this so goofy, gl in the wild and nice to see a multi cc return
  8. @Saim it isn't illegal to give away vines fam, even if randomly given away cya redbull.
  9. Ayyyy, grats
  10. I MIssed you
  11. Good guide dude
  12. bye

    This make sure me feel all types of ways... probably one of the best and most chill staff even though you did fuck me up a few times legend.
  13. Sorry I'm late to the party, happy birthday @So Yontoo
  14. Half of the kids saying it was easy @Bloody Tearz @Yolo Zombie You're both nothing without your shit cc, simmer down princess's. was a good war though, even though I was drunk for the duration ???