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  1. Why would I give you the possibilities again to post on Forums, all you send or post is bullshit

    Or you are insulting others ( Vechtking a "Spastic minion"

  2. hello ron, i want to report this ok 

    ziko-Today at 4:37 PM


    i got his items but i'm not going to give him back

    Nubownger-Today at 4:38 PM

    you MUST

    ziko-Today at 4:38 PM

    and i dont have to give him back

    Nubownger-Today at 4:39 PM

    He died because of me, you're giving it back.

    ziko-Today at 4:39 PM

    man,. where d ose it say i have to give back?

    Nubownger-Today at 4:39 PM

    I was taking the bug off him and his prayer went off when I did

    So it's not his fault

    ziko-Today at 4:39 PM

    well, you should'nt have done it

    its you fultd

    if you want me to give him back

    you pay for it

    or he dose that

    i just found it 

    this is the chat btw me and saim and here is pic ingame :zNhdgpA.jpg 

    so after all he say he will ban me and i dont want to get ban so i give him back, now its all up to you i want you to deal with it and i want to get my items that i pick up from the guy call trans4mer8.

  3. can you please recover my account? its on owner confirmation status. 


  4. Unlocked the thread Feel free to post my latest "Personal Message" Aysar I think I am one of the only people of current Staff on here who is aware of your situation and this thread will not change a thing to your situation Not going to reveal to much info on here but it is a fact you have/had 349 accounts on here, I am able to check those things
  5. Sometimes I wished my home language was English Couldn't have explained it in better words as Tyler did in this thread Thanks for doing this Tyler
  6. Let's see if you really changed Welcome Back
  7. Could you enable the "Message" for me again?



    1. Koen


      oow this is why you e-mailed me instead of a forums pm for the outfit contest. Didn't know man.

      For next time you could also use discord pm if you want to participate ;)


    2. Magnata


      Np koen ;p

  8. Amir had to give up his duties he did for Grinderscape due real life Amir, Thank you for all you did and I hope you still will do some work for our Server if you can find the time That means as former In-game Staff but also the work you did as Media Manager Wish you all the best for now As from now we decided to promote Saim as the new Media Manager, he will be responsible for the Media part if it is about Grinderscape Media means , Facebook, youtube, Instagram ( not active yet) Doesn't mean he will do this all alone, that is up to him Congrats Saim, hope you do well Regards, Grinder Staff
  9. Can i got my veteran rank back? Mr Ron.

  10. Give me the invoice Id or the account name used for the donation, invoice would be best to check out On Lexie21, you tried to donate twice 24th of March and 27th of March, you never finished both donations You reversed a donation on Alexis21, also a account that belongs to you That is called Fraud, would like some explanation for that
  11. A hard decision but has to be done Two Server Supporters are being demoted because of low activity This was going on for a while already but it was only getting worse For both , there was never given a reason for becoming inactive ( not totally) If a Staff member has a valid reason for low activity then we will be the first to keep that in mind when activity drops But if we don't know anything about it then we have to make decisions like this I wish both " Nucleus and Gramatik " all the best Thank you for your time when you were around and for all you did as a Staff-member Grinder Staff