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  1. Bc36bTP.png look at this guy he is flaming me and you got me mute for nothing no fair and i though you are #1 staff ingame, now unmute me and mute him for tease.

  2. Congratz Tyler Finally you're there, good job
  3. Not bad at all and as long you are happy with it , it is always good Great amount of clues you got on those kills
  4. This isn't a memory but a Fairytale We never ever had 1500 players online, I think I would know if that was true The max we ever had was 1k at one time, the worst was right after the Reset ( around 20) I have been here for a long time, from around 2010, so believe me when I am saying this But keep the good memories Adam Good memories, bad memories happened but not really a favorite to mention here
  5. Read your message in Forum pm send to you

  6. Hello man, how are u? I hope you're good. Man i'm sending this message cause i have an old account and unfortunatly i don't remember its password. The name is Triksten Br, it's a good acc, and if possible I'd like to play it again. Thanks!


    1. Soccerlove


      Welcome Back

      You'll have to make a account recovery in the recovery section

      Answer all questions and we will try to help you from there




  7. Case closed Player knows what happened to his account
  8. Dear players, Today we decided to promote Tyler from Elite-Moderator to In-game Administrator. @Tyler has been doing a great job for a long time now, and we believe he's up for the next task. Keep up the work Tyler, and don't let us down. Of course as all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial, but we have no doubt that he'll do great. Congratulations again Tyler, and good luck! Regards, GrinderScape Staff
  9. As Pb already told in his thread, if you don't like it here ( Grinderscape), feel free to leave and stop making drama The development team is doing a great job, including Pb is doing a great job If things don't go the way you want, doesn't mean nothing has been done in the background Not going to be personal to anyone on here but don't mention the playercount to attack Pb If you know the facts about the player count, you would also know that our playerbase has been growing lately, especially since the latest updates So the latest updates ( since new cmb system) are doing exactly what they were expected to do for our Server, making the server more interesting for our players, if all these things can't satisfy you, then I think it is time to move on and to stop being toxic to our community Regards,
  10. Keep in mind that you have 3 warning points atm, the amount of warnings you receive is way to high, realize that the next warning you will receive on Grinderscape Forums might be you last warnings for a while, I will make sure of that

    If you don't have anything constructive to say on Forums, I suggest not to spam other peoples threads with useless comments and not to post at all

    1. Arcane Blast

      Arcane Blast

      shit boy u wanna do a follow4follow cause if u follow me ill probably follow u back

    2. Soccerlove


      i don't care, just watch your steps on Forums, all I told you

  11. I wanted to ask if possible if I can return my G-Designer rank again, I asked for a signature for Colt simply because he does some more perfect than mine, because he uses Cinema 4d and I do not (At the moment), too, Did not know that who had this rank should make their own signatures.

  12. Soccerlove does exactly know what the clear command does It supposed to clear a account completely The fact the clear command didn't do what it normally does ( the last few months) doesn't mean that what you did was good or wrong You abused a major bug for your own advantage and didn't warn any staff about it You didn't give a shit that you were able to kill other players in-game totally invisible You didn't say sorry to them, you didn't give them the lost items back All you thought was that it was handy to abuse this major bug Now you got caught and are crying about it I thought the clear command was clearing your invent ( like it did the last months) That this didn't happen was something I wasn't aware off and if you blame me for that, ok, I will accept that but doesn't mean I regret what I did I agree that I didn't have the intention to completely clear your bank ( simply because I wasn't aware that that part works again) but the command is still not working perfectly , because, if it does you would also have lost the items you were wearing
  13. Once again, great update Also to all others who did help Pb with creating this new donator zone, Thanks
  14. its comfirmedsome1has to change pass for me

  15. I don't think Saim is able to delete threads on Forums And if You make a private Feedback on someone, nobody but certain Staff is able to see the thread