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  1. its comfirmedsome1has to change pass for me

  2. I don't think Saim is able to delete threads on Forums And if You make a private Feedback on someone, nobody but certain Staff is able to see the thread
  3. Moved this thread to funny, because I think it is If you have problems with someone, try to solve them with the person involved Or make a constructive feedback so we all can learn about it
  4. The problem has not been solved I posted the problem on my topic I replied.

  5. Great work guys Thank you to all who worked on this
  6. I voted yes but if it is going to be done, I suggest to let the old places also intact, if not then it possibly will be to crowded It will be great for new joining members to add it around home but for the more experienced players, don't think they will choose for the home option to train their skills
  7. Go play with your little toe smart guy
  8. Hi,


    Can I have forum admin?


    If not, I'll take global moderator as consolation.



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    2. So Sam

      So Sam

      If you want to be official , you must contribute to the activity log and every day , my opinion Hama.

    3. Taalq


      I'm already official.

    4. 0xCAFEBABE


      Yes, Taalq is an official forum admin.

  9. If you aren't ready to lose, just don't stake Now you have lost, don't ask us on what to do Obviously you weren't ready to lose, if you were, you wouldn't care so much about your loss If this should be a reason for you to quit, so be it Hope all goes well for you, don't stake to much in real life, might end in the wrong way
  10. Finally , Clue Scrolls are there, waited for a long time for these My favorites Big ass update Pb
  11. hedgehog are handsome haha:D


  12. ron_the_hedgehog_by_sonikhedhog-d4jgdjm.


    Found this, hope you like it :P

  13. thought ud like this