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  1. It is telling me you redeemed the donation Regards,
  2. With the vacant position of a Sectional Moderator position, we decided to promote @Icarly65 to the New Sectional Staff rank Icarly65 (Chris) will moderate the next sections posted in the pic We do think chris will do well and will succeed in his new Role as Sectional on Forums Chris Rank on Forums will be shown as elite Moderator since he does have that rank in-game but will also have the sectional rank Congratz Chris
  3. You guys should just come with valid reasons/info news The fact you are attacking me personally doesn't really hurt me but doesn't have anything to do with this
  4. don't see the abuse here i have my reasons to not allow this and I am not treatening , I promise someone something, i tried to explain why I am not allowing this but didn't really get the chance to do so If you are looking for a item then you just can yell what you are looking for but not that you are buying prem points I told the player that in exact the same words He is looking for gano, then he has to yell he is buying gano this isn't a treat like you think it is, when I tell you something like that, then you shouldn't be surprised when it actually happens when you do so, simple as that I am straight to the point and will not talk around an issue, just tell you how it is Not all Soccer is doing is abuse, he has good reasons for it I also told Staff not to allow these things anymore (the buying/selling prem points)
  5. I really hope you can get your life back on track soon ( with or without Grinderscape) Wish you all the best
  6. I love soccer. Do you ?

    1. Dragenforce2


      I love football

  7. How many times do I have to request this rank, jesus christ.

    1. Fawbs



  8. let me remind you that i won't tolerate "any "bullshit from you, this means you are walking on a thin line here

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    2. Carl


      i wil ltake care of him dw

    3. Tabor


      thank you baby <3 xxxxx

    4. Carl


      hey! thats what ur husband is for haha!
      *kisses your cheeks*


  9. Today I am forced to demote a Sectional Moderator from his duties It looks like his priorities are somewhere else but not here where it should be " Grinderscape" This has been goin on for a while now and I also talked a few times about it already, he knows how I think about this situation You must be loyal to Grinderscape as a staff member at all times. If you aren't loyal or don't want to be, then a decision must be made regarding your rank. So Yontoo ( Taivo ), thanks for what you did ( and I hope you still will in the future) for your work as a Staff member but it is better to demote you from this moment Soccer,
  10. Good to see you back on our Server Unsnaked Welcome back
  11. Can I have babble mod

  12. you are my bestfriend:DD

  13. I will disappoint you sexually and emotionally.




  15. ronald 

    1. just for 0p

      just for 0p

      soccerlove help me please !@!@!

      i get my account back but idh any thing in account why i had 65b !!