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So Sam

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  1. In-game name(s): making lvls Timezone: 3 years Skype name: monhal2012 Will you be active within the event team?: yea i'll and help all and u will see... if u want to trail me to 14 days i dont have proplem How much do you play per day?: It comes in a day but like 7 hours and up. Why should we accept you into the event team?: iam have so money items and i can all days make a event in the game and fourms too Do you have prior experience hosting events?: Yes, I am an expert in the game and you are an expert in the game and give away and event's. Do you have any creative event(s) idea(s)? If so, explain it(them) below: I have experience but played and purposes I am able to do that every day 5B in the market site be effective and also Alabh.. Thanks !
  2. New purpose is to help the player's contribution to a yearning to wear them ... and also be Alabh sophisticated and more purposes. thats what i think. Thanks !
  3. So Yontoo is Speak True no for sharing accounts for other games.....the game only osrs or rs3 money change....not selling and buying from other game.. accounts.. @So Yontoo Thanks for ur Cooperating always u are best fourms mod..
  4. good to say thanks man !!!!! like it !
  5. Yea Nice Uptade old hitmarks is Diversification , and can the player trust on him. thanks for all best game admin's.
  6. the uptade nice but i do think removing the facking items who not all the game weild it
  7. Love it ! u are best server supporter !
  8. please,do good even and pot good items :) gl guys !

    1. Vilkolakis


      @So Sam u are good member and help all i think u good to be ss..Gl


    2. So Sam

      So Sam

      Thanks But Do not send to me massage about items  !!! beacue u will never take 1 coins//