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  1. I was watching everything when you were winning. It was celebrating, but when you lost everything, you got angry and inventing things to get your items back.
  2. Add in the game more methods for the ironman to pick up more items like: new boss / new shop / new agility areas / new huts for theft. Ironman to get rowdy or steads you have to buy. Weekly events.
  3. In-Game Name: Amandinha s2 Timezone / Country: UTC-03:00/Brazil Age: 17 Combat Level 138 Do you have any previous experience multi-pking or with any other clans? List them: "Everwild & The B a n g//And War In Other Games Why would you make a good edition to the Army Of Gods?: I Don't like bang Are you able to create a discord/ teamspeak account?: Yes
  4. go to play barbiegames.com