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  1. Some Edits [Wiz Khalifa]

    Is it me or are there like white dots around his hair? Not sure if it's supposed to be like this but it looks weird Kind regards Cypher
  2. Couple suggestions

    nr 2 must be an option, it's nice to refill vails with water I support both!
  3. Summoning suggestion/bug

    Indeed, This one does miracles! Kind regards Cypher
  4. SOTM (Special)

    Back from holiday and I'm looking forward to the results!
  5. Protiftable Crafting Guide.

    I love that you look at the wiki! Hihi! <3 Nice video, did you know that this is the way that all (hc)ironman have to level their crafting skill? To make even more money, you can high alch at the same time too! The videolink: Kind regards Cypher
  6. "Give Me Your Pain" - A Grinderscape Maxed Skiller Montage

    FYI, gnome agility course is way faster then barb agility course for agility xp! But for the rest nice video! <3 Kind regards Cypher
  7. Rework Skillcapes

    Crafting - Cut 2 gems at once or instantly chance to cut & cut bolt tips at once? Mining - Mine 2 ores at once Smithing - Smelt/smith 2 ores/bars at once RC - ? I don't think people will use this cuz wicked cape gives 25% xp Herblore - Pot 2 potions // time Thieving - X chance to get double cash Fletching - cut 2 bows at once Agility - chance to get double tickets / run Fishing - Fish up 2 fish at once Firemaking - Burn 2 logs at once Woodcutting - Cut 2 logs at once OR chance to get bird nest with seeds? Farming - ...? picking herbs is already quick maybe - Pick ALL herbs at once? :giggle: Anyways support!
  8. Awesome work Jordy! Any news update on the training points / RC points on highscore? *wink* Kind regards Cypher
  9. My Holiday

    Lovely, I might go to Mauritius sometime! Kind regards Cypher
  10. 2 Week holidays

    Dear GS players, As some of you already know I'll be leaving this saturday for 2 weeks on a vacation trip to Mallorca! Ye, I'm seeking out the sun and heat <3 So you won't see me online for a while. Cya everyone in 2 weeks, I'll be back the 21th august ! Kind regards Cypher RIP XP GAINS
  11. Heya, On the main view of the highscores everything seems ok. If you go into a profile of someone for example: https://www.grinderscape.org/highscores/user/iron cypher The Overall ranks are broken here. It shows Rank: " - 90 " while this should be " 1 " Kind regards Cypher
  12. Iron Cypher: First Ironman Maxed & First Comp

    Hehe thanks all <3
  13. Achievement of the Month: August

    My achievement of the month is: Being the first ironman who became maxed & being the first ironman who became comped. And at the same time! Read more about it here:
  14. Today, I finally made it! I was grinding skillingpoints in order to buy inferno adze, before that I wouldn't dare doing woodcutting. So I got inferno adze and finally finished all my 99 skills on my ironman. When getting maxed I also got comp! It is a sad story but 'Runerova' who was also going for first maxed ironman, got maxed a few hours later after me I also got a bit above 1.2B total xp Kind regards Cypher
  15. wtf, how cool is this stuff