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  1. Heya, I would like to do some suggestions: 1) Atm the discord is sometimes spammed with -price XXX - priceXXXXX -price XXXXXX because people have to type the name of the item correct. So I was wondering if we could get a separated channel for the price checking? 2) Also people tend to write -pc due to 'price check' in-game. Could it also be a possibility to write -pc instead of -price? 3) The slang for items. Could every item be 'slanged' that has a ' dash ' ( - ) in it? Some people have issues writing for example: Jack-O-Lantern Mask So writing 'Jack O Lantern mask' would work also 4) While you're coding anyways, just a suggestion, not sure if it's possible in discord. If you are typing ' -pc Zamo ' It would show a dropdown with: - pc zamorak platebody -pc zamorak set -pc zamorak robes etc... if you catch my drift? I'm not sure if that is possible, but hey just suggesting it anyways ;-) Thanks in advance for reading! Kind regards Cypher
  2. Same as the titan and tarn. 500 boss kills Kind regards Cypher
  3. Ironman shouldnt be about. I made a char and now ill grind cw gear and done. People want to get bandos as a started only problem is you need full cw gear to kill it. So why even bother doing bandos anymore? I couldnt agree more with cookie. Ironman bossing is nearly impossible for new players. I know ironman is supposed to be hard but dont make it impossible. Everything indeed hits like a truck and I don't bust mean bosses. Othdr monsters too. I'm pretty much scared to lvl combat at the moment on my hcim if I kno it's not safe. All of you probably have max gear etc. But try killing a boss in full dragon with a regular whip and then come and reply. I find it good that bosses are buffed but don't make it impossible. Kind regards Cypher
  4. Hello, Simple and clean suggestion, I would like to see a general store in the donor zone if it's possible. Perhaps next to the crafting vendor or farming vendor in the house, on the east side. I find it stupid as a donor that I always have to go to catherby to buy a knife and then go back to the donor zone to start my pool. Or to buy a rope etc.... Kind regards Cypher
  5. Why are the logs between the seeds & herbs? :< Plz Kyle plz Nice bank Kind regards Cypher
  6. That's some nice magic xp you can get there !! Also did you kill Jad? Kind regards Cypher
  7. http://prntscr.com/faho7s My 120boxes
  8. Damn nice. How many charms camevout on average of 1 box? Nice loot! Kind regards Cypher
  9. I like the idea but what if a new task comes out? But I support the topic Kind regards Cypher
  10. I like the idea indeed
  11. Thats not the spirit I require like 330k magic logs for 350m xp. I know hcim is supposed to be hardcore bit this is 2x 350m woodcutting xp for hcim. Meaning imagine getting 5B woodcutting xp on a regular account. Yea you got 350m fletching yourself already, but you probably bought the mats Ironman can't nor can hcim. I hope you see my point of view. Kind regards Cypher
  12. Hello! Goin to jump straight at it. I would like to see a change to the fletching xp for cutting a magic log into a magic longbow(u). Specially since you can't string bows at the moment. At the moment it gives a regular player: 7.280 xp. At the moment it gives an Ironman: 2.426 xp (/3) At the moment it gives a HCIM: 1.040 xp (/7) I would like to change it to: Regular players: 10.920 xp ( 7.280 * 1.5 ) Ironman: 3.640 xp (/3) HCIM: 1.560 xp (/7) I multiplied the xp rates by 1.5 as you can see above. I hope you like my suggestion towards the skill. Feel free to note if you think it's to much or to low. But I think it's a good amount compared to other skills also. Kind regards Cypher
  13. I like it But I think PB already fixed the boss for next update I'm not 100% sure
  14. I believe so too! I'm sure I'll see something that I didn't except haha. Can't wait Kind regards Cypher
  15. Very lovely! Goodluck to all participants! Kind regards Cypher