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level power

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  1. gz blake youll do very well
  2. or instead of doing host bann just bann level power instead of all you know some other people use this compuuter that play the game, my  brother other brother, my sister quit like 2 years ago. my acounts are level power djq123 fire blaze and all the accounts with  random names like ryhdthfhjh, just punish me not they he should be able to plsay the game

  3. i should be banned and if you made that decision to ban me you could have made it 5 days max or so  because i shouldnt be banned

  4. why not believe me i did not scammmmmmm. difference between troll and scam well  obvs i get banned


  5. he did nothing v my onyx

     if he put something in i would have not scammed him not used food, when he put nothing in iwent into my bank took an onyx and  bring food to troll him and make sue hedoesnt win. as i am poor trolling hi mwas funny and di waw dnt win anything from him

  6. i was tryna try make him richwith impoible challenge he does nothing nd i put onyx i use food ask him and see

  7. yo talk to me ask

  8. asap talk to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. ridok talk to meeeeeeeeeeee

  10. i voted acolyte as hs is firm but fair
  11. HI ACOLYTE  its my birthday i can i have unbann plz im never gona do anything  for my birthday but plz give me my only birthday present. To unbann me

  12. plz im sorry scamming plz un ban me plz i beg you i really just need 1 chance plz i beg you plz <3

  13. plz im sorry scamming plz un ban me plz i beg you i really just need 1 chance plz i beg you plz <3

  14. hi can you talk to me asap

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    2. level power

      level power


      ive been banned for 3 months now i wana be unbanned can i have one chance

      plz i wana play the game

      i really love the game

      ok plz 1 chance

    3. Soccerlove


      You can make a ban appeal like everyone has to do

    4. level power