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Iron Hood

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    Iron Hood
  1. Good bye and good luck in life goals.
  2. I didnt expect you to leave like that, but good luck in life goals and we'll keep talkin on fb so, watch your self and im gonna miss u fuka
  3. Thanks @Valar. This is exactly what I want.
  4. Great job, I like this update
  5. I fished over 450 shrimps and didnt get any anchovie.
  6. I'm in!
  7. No! Your job is trading stuff from osrs/rs3 to here and not punishing players, thats Staff member's job not yours lmao
  8. ing - Hoodi
  9. This is a good idea, but if a player finishes this task, must receive more slayer points than a normal task?
  10. Happy birthday! Enjoy your day pal.
  11. maybe you do vote before 12 hours passes
  12. This topic already exists, why have u created another topic for same thing? bruh
  13. This is great idea, Support.
  14. Congratulations, good luck.
  15. everyone can say his opinion about himself, making this banable will be stupid thing.