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  1. Dude you're an idiot can't take ya serious when you consider acronyms and capitalizing to emphasize bad grammar.
  2. Why are you guys so fixated on the fucking signature? I think y'all are trying to change the subject, you know their are a dozen reasons why his signature isn't up to par quality wise and you're just being a biased friend. I don't even have to get into the details because if you are a decent designer you'd see what needs to be improved instantly. And you cannot say mine is basic because it contains many different elements, layers and tuning to create what you see. I'm sure there are a lot of designs that look similar to mine, but I can you one thing, you wont find one that is the same or uses the same elements and thats a fact. Also it is abstract art so ofcourse it's going to contain abstract elements. Also I never once said that c4d was a terrible program nor did I say I dislike the program, I just don't like how guys like dragen watch some youtube tuts on c4d and call themselves designers and they can't use photoshop or illustrator [he told me this before]. Haha I feel you bro talking to these kids is like talking to brick walls, but I was asked to make this post so I have no choice. These same guys said the same shit about my Updates image and my shit got used and I got paid so I can really care less what haters have to say. BTW I like your signature its nice.
  3. Kid gtfoh everything about your signature is poor quality and you keep avoiding that and you simply expressed your self with the simpleton term as thats what your signature is and the current userbars. I honestly can't even take your input serious. You have terrible grammar, you think "It's garbage" is solid input and on top of that you keep making the wild assumption that I cannot use C4D when I've probably had that program before you even thought of becoming a designer. Like I said ESPECIALLY considering how shitty your signature is, how poor and generic your font choice is, and how you didn't even adjust the text's spacing/size properties, meaning your shit has no character. Please refrain from giving me ANY sort of input when I am a better designer and have been in this line of work much longer than you have and have moved on to do work for real companies not relating to Runescape, something obviously far beyond your horizons judging your demeanor and sense of design. Like I said, you don't even have any input actually relating to the work, its just simply a poor excuse of a designers input. I get it like Colt said, everyone starts somewhere, but your words hold no credibility when speaking to me simply because you cannot design very well at all. So that being said you're officially deemed a retard in my eyes and quite frankly replying to you is a waste of time.
  4. Changing the topic? You're ridiculous, and whats even more ridiculous is you assumed I cannot use C4D as if it's actually difficult and requires skill, honest your signature is a sorry excuse for a c4d siggy, I've seen some nice ones over the time no doubt, but yours is particularly terrible, it doesn't even have smooth edges... Thats why I made a comment regarding your signatures because if you have a poor quality signature than who are you to give any input relating to graphics? Idk who gave you graphics designer rank, I am not even trying to be mean. I made this asking for your feed back on these designs, I never asked for you guys to give me your input on the current ones. I was looking for solid input like Colt contributed. And when I created it I set up a poll idk what happened, I will have to re-set it back up.
  5. Hey thanks for your input, but I've been graphic designing for RSPS communitys for over 6 years and I don't need to seek approval nor respect from people who A. aren't putting money into my pocket B. Not giving me valid critique (as you did, I appreciate peoples input actually) and C. Cannot design a better ones. Now, as for the crown not being full quality, these aren't the final form and as a designer you should know, its a simple matter of scaling the aspect ratio to proportion. Also your comment regarding making the words bolder is invalid, because if you actually look and pay attention to detail, my text is thicker than the current text. Personally what I think your looking for is the black stroke the current one has. the These were created at Rachaels(Rashed) request in as mock up concept designs and he liked them. Now I have already made adjustments such as rounded them but these are the ones that I showed rashed so I thought I'd show you guys them like this to hear some input on what they'd like to see.
  6. You're all clearly under the influence of a substance and your input is irrelevant. IDEK why y'all commented when I didn't ask you if the liked the current one more, I asked which one of these you liked the most. You guys could have gave some solid input maybe and said what you think needs to be improved, or even what you don't like about it. The current one is ass and it is terribly designed and it will be changed. You cannot say any of mine are trash as they are classic userbars; in which many servers use / have used designs themed similar. I've made userbars like #2 that credible servers with more players than grinderscape have used and every player loved them. So I'd actually like to see anyone of you show me some betters ones or create a better one, don't say the current one is good because it isn't and if it was I wouldn't be creating new ones. TL;DR: The current design is ass and you all know good and well. A new one is going to be integrated and these are the canidates; please make a choice. I didn't ask if you liked the old ones. EDIT: Oh and btw all of you have no sense of design with your c4d tutorial made siggys gtfoh
  7. One of these userbars will be integrated. Pick one. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  8. while gmaul and dds prolly still odee op
  9. Idk people ass licking jordy, the new design is more relevant and although it does need some tinkering it is much more suitable than before.
  10. I had that in mind, but I wanted to add the images when the updates were released so I can add images that relate to each update. Don't forget to use the poll.
  11. Thanks for the feedback everyone, I added a poll so feel free to drop a vote. I just wanted to make it something simple and tangible that can be modified or added upon in the future. If you have any idea's relating to this or anything else on the website please feel free to share them, I appreciate all input.
  12. Our current grinderscape updates image is really outdated. Here is a new concept, what do you guys think?
  13. Great Idea's , everyone else feel free give your input.
  14. Texasss doeee