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Olivia Wilde

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  1. Logging in now.
  2. 20M bgloves and 5m neitzies ?
  3. Is 50M each too high? I have few extra to sell as well.
  4. SOLD
  5. Looking forward to pking with Korasi's sword. Thanks for all the bug fixes once again
  6. Got nice 7 fights, good hits back and forth.
  7. No support, we have rather small pking community so what we got now is just enough
  8. Nice clue scroll collections! I am not actually buying anything but I happen to have 3a druidic wreath, bandos coif and dhide top to make those sets complete as well if you're interested!
  9. I understand people want to buff them but the current stats glacor boots have are the same as they used to be in RS. I know this isn't RS but dungeoneering variants are stronger and glacors shouldn't be buffed to unrealistic numbers just because of that. I wouldn't have a problem if they were buffed a bit.
  10. This. ::Gdz is close enough to Chaos Elemental
  11. I would like to participate IGN: Olivia Wilde
  12. Chef's hat and Tyras helm, yay!
  13. Almost as good as my pures bank tabs
  14. My first entry:
  15. Support