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  1. Buying 100m 07 GP in 1 trade 200b.
  2. Blood coins doesnt work atm on shop quick fix pls. @Pb600
  3. IGN - Mongooli
  4. This is my achievement.
  5. Decided to make another update of my pking tab and my achievement which I finally completed. Kinda wanted to make this post when I reach 1k torsos but seems good to stop at 10.00 KDR if I manage to die from now on. Next stop and my final achievement personally will be 10,000 bounty scores. 10.00 KDR the dream heres the pictures of my old post and the new ones next to it. My awesome paint skills are shown with the white borders lmao.
  6. Or put the fast options to choose by pressing 1-4 keys.
  7. All I do is basicly edge pk with regular pking gear and vengeance, and after the fix for defence bonuses it took me while to get used to it since back then I died alot to granite maul which was kinda dull that every main used the weapon and abused the shit out of it. Like 6 hours daily pking I still can say right now the system feel much much better than it used to be and should stay almost this way unless theres some points to point out what to fix. For me and probably many others has seen "eating bug" which sometimes doesnt register your eating which results to your death. Also I'm looking karambwan to be fixed as they're like potions, you can eat it and hit at the same time, also eat karambwan to rocktail/seaturtle w/e, if you end up lets say to 20 health or less and you accidently eat karambwan before other food you basicly might die to next hit since it doesnt let you eat another food like using karambwan the other way around.
  8. The best ingame admin you could dream of, instant replies instant actions. 1 more congratulations here aswell from me.
  10. Time to abuse the sh*t out of voting @Pb600
  11. Hey some of you might know me in game from edge pking mostly, some of you hate me and some of you rag me but anyways I achieved these during these last 2 months and wanted to share a few pictures. Also I've sold some sets back to the player I just killed and also once sold big bulk of these items to to some guy for vine. I also started all these torsos, gloves etc from less than 10, never bought any. https://gyazo.com/9c85bffecbc1e3e6c076f2e373f36794 https://gyazo.com/1a58c7aa864d0433510126eefbfe6931 https://gyazo.com/46db9fbef5613d9f2a88e241e87f51de https://gyazo.com/27b78e1de36e4188fd7e82586034036f https://gyazo.com/1896b4fae56806f1f73ccbba7a910632 For some this might not be much in value. I've been on this server since october/november 2016 and was Zerker quite the time and 2 months ago got myself maxed main and started pking and gathering up all this. P.S. COULDNT FIND THE WAY TO PUT LINK INTO PICTURE DAMNIT.
  12. Kick ass
  13. Get well.