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  1. Yes! perfect thanks man
  2. You are a legend the last one is awesome thanks, if possible could you make the last one with the thicker blue outline like the first one? So the writing stands out more
  3. Siggggggg Color(s): blue Picture(s): none Font(s): choose good one + Space theme Background (yes/no) + background style: none Text(s): ArchonLord
  4. I thought only the (sp) kit was worth 200b+ and the (or) was like 600m?
  5. Gratz guys
  6. Buying Lucky Dragon Helm
  7. Looks amazing but if its not too late could you sort the dragon out please lol he looks a bit off colour and like a bronze dragon
  8. Congratulations J a i z, very much deserved.
  9. You Sir, are amazing thanks
  10. The font is perfect thanks but if you can, could you make the mithril dragon background bigger?
  11. Color(s): Yellow and Blue Font(s): similar to http://prntscr.com/dubwik Background (yes/no) + background style: Mithril Dragon Text(s): Main text - ArchonLord Secondary text - MithBuster
  12. Colour: Yellow and Blue Background: A Mithril Dragon Font: similar to this possibly http://prntscr.com/dtheha Primary Text: ArchonLord Secondary Text: MithBuster 3 D : Not sure how it will look in 3D but if it looks good go for it
  13. And here I am with 22 elites completed and best i have got it a Saradomin godbow and Guthix godbow, no 3rd age OR drag ceremonial. Gratz though.
  14. Ah, Correct. My brain got a bit back to front from where it said "AHA JAR is a person or something?" But yes, I apologise for my previous statement @quebec P.S I'm the Dumb Dumb