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  1. Best wiki team member going <3
  2. Welcome back Bolt ⚡️ I missed youuuuuu
  3. Very nice 👍🏼
  4. Nice stuff, looks very very well deserved so grats woody!
  5. Share I tbed Nice stuff wade
  6. FUN! Goodluck everyone
  7. Nice stuff Tyler, Goodluck getting 350M Keep us updated
  8. Support, Dont see why this boss shouldn't have a tittle too!
  9. Was fun to watch, Nice vid icey cold
  10. Is that it? Very nice bank koen, I love the colours and how organised it is compared to mine :thumbs:
  11. Congratulations @endless road Welcome to the team Everyone else, keep on being consistent and you'll make it!
  12. Very nice, this will help a lot of people and bring fun into the discord too, Goodjob guys!
  13. Nice Guide Mr.Best Pker P:S: Im a better pker
  14. Very nice updates pb, good job!
  15. Would you rather have Evow jail you and you risk loosing your items, or risk your items and then complain that it's bugged?