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  1. In-game name(s): 2boy22 Timezone: UTC+10:00 Skype name: do not have Will you be active within the event team?: yes How much do you play per day?: weekdays 3hrs+ weekends 7hrs+ Why should we accept you into the event team?: I enjoy doing giveaways, it also allows those who are having a bad start in the game to have an opportunity to enjoy the game and see the that the game is actually enjoyable and I think i should be accepted as I enjoy helping the grinderscape community and making it better. Do you have prior experience hosting events?: nothing official, but I have hosted giveaways prior to reset. Do you have any creative event(s) idea(s)? If so, explain it(them) below: Doing regular dds and pk tournaments, where all people are at the same level. Therefor being a fair and enjoyable event
  2. Guess the Number 1-100

    any time man
  3. Event - DDS Tournament

    sounds fun, count me in in game name = 2boy22
  4. "Unidentified developer" problem

    You are a legend thank you so much
  5. "Unidentified developer" problem

    Hey guys, after the recent update, when trying to open the new downloaded client, it is not opening up and saying "GrinderScape.jar” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." I am trying to run this on mac, my Java is up to date. Just wondering how I can fix this? thanks
  6. Official [SPECTRUM] Clan Thread

    In-game name: 2boy22 What are you applying for? Recruiter How many days have you played for?: 4 months How many hours do you play per day?: (3-5 hours a day) also depends what day Do you have ::yell?: not yet, still haven't bought donator Why do you derserve this rank?: always willing to help on the cc (will give out yells when i have soon) i'm always willing to help, guide people to where to go and what to use. Try to sell items for cheap to new players to allow them to enjoy the server and grow.