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  1. Would be awesome to see these in-game! Support.
  2. Solid idea cypha. Would be nice to see this implemented.
  3. bruh... wtf... y u so good? For real though man, awesome work. Makes me really want one :hurr:
  4. Nice @Tyler ! Congratz man!
  5. This. I believe this will attract lots of new members (just as the PK tournament has) and will give more variety to the current community. We're in desperate need of new items/armor/weapons/bosses/pvming aspects and I'm extremely excited to see what's in store!
  6. Love all of these ideas @Woody ! Would love to see them implemented in game and I'm excited to see PVM'ing hopefully getting some more attention (not that the PVP aspect didn't deserve it of course) - as an Ironman ... Gives some things to look forward too @Russ That's awesome to hear man! I've been pushing for new weapons for awhile now and I can't wait to see what's in store!
  7. Love this idea Cypha; helps with promoting the PVM aspect as well. Support 100%
  8. Your continued updates, hard word, and community considerations are what makes this server great Pb. In light of the recent thread I've read... thought it to be appropriate to thank you for all you do!
  9. YES TO ALL OF THESE 100%!!! (especially the Drygore). I completely agree that we need some new items in the community to help spark more pvming and to give some overall enhanced variety. I love all these ideas as well and would like to suggest... Staff of the Dead Toxic Blowpipe Armadyl Crossbow And before the haterz say this isn't possible ... I had a conversation about these exact items with Pb (before christmas) and it is my understanding this is definitely possible and under his consideration - quite possibly in the works. Anyways, have my full support and would LOVE to see these implemented in the near future @Pb600
  10. hahaha <3 to you
  11. Thanks man!
  12. Will do fellas!
  13. Damn this is awesome. Once again, great work @Colt - extremely talented stuff!
  14. Thank you! hahaha olivia that's crazy! what're the chances lol Thanks man!
  15. Not too bad for 21 elites!