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  1. I think everyone would like to see a formal drop table for every monster. On the guide you should be able to search each boss, monster etc, and see all the drops and the rates for that said monster. (ex. Abyssal Demon - abyssal whip 1/100 , gold whip 1/150) Personally, this would increase interest in bossing and slaying, and i know that it would for others. I know that there is already an existing bestiary which i think this should be an expansion of, in this bestiary it says that it includes drop tables. I don't think saying that abby demons always dropping infernal ashes is a drop table... So, if you support this thread show it some love to see it happen!!
  3. In-game name:The Box567 What are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Recruiter How many days have you played for?: Over a month How many hours do you play per day?: 5 hours (school days) 10+ hours on weekends Do you have ::yell?: Not at the moment Why do you deserve this rank?: I think i deserve this rank because i already help out a lot in the cc with price checks, and general knowledge help. I'd like to be formally recognized as trusted.
  4. rip to the server again :rofl:

  5. Sweet Update! can really start grinding clue scrolls now