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  1. To those who care, I will not be playing until my account is unbugged, or taken care of. Over a week ago I tried to log in and couldn't. It wasn't hacked just some weird glitch. I have appealed to have my account fixed but the staff has taken their time fixing this, so until this is taken care of I will not be playing. So yea, Ill be on break until this is taken care of. So until then, Peace! Lord Slime
  2. grats!!
  3. I know we have never talked man, but feel free to reach out. In-game especially, ill do what i can to take some of the weight off your shoulders. You are not alone and if need be you got a friend right here even if we don't know each other at all.
  4. Here is what I've been jamming lately...... *WARNING* if you don't listen to metal you probably wont like these songs* Motionless in White-570 Falling In Reverse- Loser Metallica- Murder One Chunk No Captain Chunk- Blame it on This Song Memphis May Fire- This Light I Hold- Vanna- Mutter-(Band from my hometown touring the world) In Hearts Wake & Northlane- Equinox- Asking Alexandria- Moving On
  5. I dont pk haha i think you have the wrong name or person! but thanks!
  6. Hey Everyone! It's been many years since I last played Grinderscape. In fact its been since 2012 since I last played. But anyways you can call me Mark if you care to talk to me in-game. My in-game name is Lord Slime. Feel free to send me a message and say hi! Not expecting anyone too but prove me wrong! See you all in-game! Best, Mark aka Lord Slime
  7. My only issue is that if this happens, I would like to be compensated back the premium points I used to get the colored Phat. I donated to the server and if this goes into effect then I lose a large amount of points I used to get it. And that isn't cool and its basically taking my money. I donated right when I started out to give me boost in money to skill. Other than that I am all for it.
  8. @Valar Those are all awesome!! thank you so much!!!
  9. Color(s): Green and Black Picture(s): Slimy Font(s): Something creepy looking yet solid Background (yes/no) + background style: Yes! But I will let you decide on which one! I trust your judgement!! Text(s): Lord Slime
  10. A major hobby of mine is going to concerts! I have been to over 150 shows, and i thought I'd share some of my favorite artists I've seen live! So if you like what you see you can see them when they tour around where you live! Feel free to share yours!! Id love to find new music!! I'm open to all genres!! Here they are......... Beartooth- Hated Memphis May Fire- Prove Me Right- A Day To Remember- Downfall of Us All- Bring Me The Horizon- Shadow Moses- (MUST SEE) Stick to Your Guns- Nobody- I See Stars- Mobbin Out-