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  1. In-game name(s): V0V Age: I am 19 years old Timezone: CET Will you be active within the OMM team?: ------------------------------------------------------------- First of all, i don't play this server for a very long time now, but in the days that i've played this game i've been really really active. When im at a schoolweek, i play like 3/4 hours a day. When im off from school and work, i usually play like 8-9 + hours ( Mostly in the weekend ). So actually i play whenever i can, that means ill be active as OMM whenever i'm online. How much do you usually play GrinderScape per day?: ------------------------------------------------------------- As i said when im in a school week i play like 2/3 hours a day. When im in a off day i play normally like 8/9 + hours a day. Why do you deserve to be in this team?: ------------------------------------------------------------- I think i do deserve this rank, and being part of the MiddleMans team because i know of myself im a really trusted player. I really really do love people to help, and see them being happy with playing the server, because for sure the server is great and it will always be. I'm playing RSPS'S for over more then a 6 years and i've never scammed to anyone. I have been scammed a couple on times, even on this server, but still i'll always play fair. Lieing & Scamming isn't a thing what's inside me, and as the most people say:' Do dont things to other people, if you don't want it happens to yourself.' And i always fully agree with that. My motivation on this is because i know how it feels to get dissappointed by getting scammed or in any other way and no one on this whole word deserves is. Its gotta be fair and real for everyone. Since i played this server i haven't done any trades, because i didn't know it was legal to do trades without this rank. Koen told me today that it is, when there's an overwatch. If this application is getting declined, i will do some trades for sure to proof i AM a trusted player, and i will always be one. The things i did in this server since im playing is talking with people to make them feel comfortable on the server and make them feel happy. Also i helped alot in the 'Spectrum' CC and just out of the CC when anyone asks me. For sure i dont know EVERYTHING, but when i know the answer i'll be able to help whenever somebody wants me to. Any other info: ------------------------------------------------------------- I think i've said everything that you staff team has to know and want to know. EDIT 14/02/2017 CTE 12:59 - I asked Jess for being my overwatch for doing some trades so i can make some proof videos and screenshots if it will be declines. She agreed with this so she was able to help. - Otherwise, i dont know if this server handle with things like this, but i was thinking about a trial period where i can do some trades and also make screenshots and videos if this is one is getting declined. Regards, Nino ' V0V '
  2. Buying vine

    Bro for the next time, i told you, you can always ask me bro. I could sell it to you ??
  3. New Tokhaar Kal Cape Look?

    Yes, you're totally right in that one mate !
  4. New Tokhaar Kal Cape Look?

    Tbh, Me neither haha We'll just get the comp cape, don't need the kiln one
  5. New Server Support

    Goodluck with your Trial bruh ! You can do it ! Greetz, V0V

    Thanks mate ! Its perfect !!!

    Hey Valas, I really appreciate you work, and its a really nice 1. The 2nd, the 1 with the things on the sides i love it !!!! But can you make on the '0' a yellow phat? For the finishing touch? But thank you bro for you work!!! Greetings, V0V

    Hello Valar, I would appreciate if you could make a signature for me, it would be really nice for my profile page. Color(s): Black & Gold Picture(s): Suprise me Font(s): Again suprise me with this Background (yes/no) + background style: No Text(s): V 0 V ( the 0 is a Zero ) I hope you can make 1 for me Greetings, V0V
  9. Well, still thanks for everything, and for sure you made my day ! Hope too see you around mate !
  10. Haha no, i promised i won't gamble any of all these items. I will use them for getting better and grinding monsters/ killing bosses etc. PS: I will Kick the fuck out of him, dont worry @Kyle
  11. Dear Tpid, Yesterday was an amazing evening, as you said i do enjoy the server alot. The people who are playing are friendly and helpfull. I played alot runescape privateservers in the past, but for sure, no server has a player like you. The moment when you said 'Come to Yanille, when u reach ur 85 slay' i already though , wow.. I think im going to get some gear. And yes, when i reach there did. I want to thank you again for all the help and support u gave me yesterday!!! If theres anything anytime i can do back for you, i'll be there.