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  1. Clue Scroll Scanner/Puzzle Solver

    Places are always different, but on google u can find some "common" locations on the actual spots"
  2. Pk Tournament Bracket

    goodluck all and nice event anz
  3. Meh 200m's sound better imo. Having a "skiller" account is more fun then going for comp cape if u ask me.
  4. 1-28 EVENTTT

    Number 26 is already taken make sure to enter with a new number "reveal hidden contents " on page 1 will show the avaibable ones
  5. 1-28 EVENTTT

    I'm giving u one more chance, 14 is also taken. Check "reveal hidden contents" on the first topic and see what is left.
  6. 1-28 EVENTTT

    Pls make a new post with a new number 22 is already taken. Also it would be nice if you'd state your ingame name
  7. 1-28 EVENTTT

    u may make a NEW post on this thread with a new number cause 8 is already taken. Check out "Reveal hidden contents" on the original topic.
  8. 1-28 EVENTTT

    Deleted the post about editing.
  9. 1-28 EVENTTT

    1-28 boys Okay it's pretty simple rules, that i will explain here. But at first i want to tell u i have send a screenshot to Server Support @Lego69 to make sure it's all legit. The idea is u will have 24 hours from this post to guess 1 time from 1-28 If a number is taken u can't put that number again. Winners will be notified AFTER the 24 hours, or when ALL numbers are taken. It would help alot if you'd put your ingame name - number If it isn't clear for anybody, hit me up ingame ( grandt/cutegirlbtw ) WINNERS CHECK YOUR NUMBER BELOW http://prntscr.com/g2l9v3 Sadly it's not loading the image for me, Also it's not 100% a win chance sorry for that. Prizes yet to be claimed: xdtje - 7 hero job - 18 lvl3 retard - 22 Please send Grandt or Cutegirlbtw a PM ingame to redeem ur prize. Make sure to use this ^ account or to put a topic with ur different name.
  10. Guess the Number 1-100

    Thanks for the event < 3
  11. Infernal Pickaxe

    Support for sure but probs around 1.5k skilling points
  12. A Skillers Raid?

    Nice idea, but has to be a long raid or different paths u can walk etc. Else it would/will be too easy to obtain some of the "items" from the chests. Nice idea in general < 3