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  1. Look forward to trying the mini game I know how much time and attention you've put into it. glad some of the fixes you done have finally released to
  2. Seems legit. lets hope this with these new devs in line that we can look forward to more and better updates well done all.
  3. Jordan

    1. Shouldn't be a suggestion slayer points should be rewarded and store should be rewarding. I don't feel it should be a fix for a flaw in the game when it can be an added addition. 2. Maybe I read it wrong but wouldn't that just be a simple adding tomes to BM store that then taking away from voting and donating for such items... Like I said maybe I read it wrong. 3. Like 1 this should be a stand alone addition not as a "fix" issue is Blood money store is fucking useless and WAAAAAY over priced. Unless it's been updated on last 3 months I been gone which I highly doubt. 4. Leave it as it is.... Why not? Just make the store more rewarding not crap no one wants or making shit over priced Ultimately the issue is not how to fix but WHEN
  4. Jordan


    It was a pleasure to work with you man Saw you go from mm to admin I truly hope things get better for you
  5. Jordan

    At the end of the days it's a "HELP" CHAT You and everyone knows the rules about the chat and not to swear and bring issues into the channel. We staff are here to assist as best as we can with your issues no need to air them publicly. We don't mute payers for stuff like that at least we shouldn't. You will be warned then told and then a punishment may occur. How hard is it not to Swear?? Lol
  6. Jordan

    Hope you have a good xmas and a good new year man
  7. This guide is helpful. it lets people know the order of the hourly bonus. If you have nothing nice or constructive to say please don't say it at all.
  8. Jordan

    Bronze is a new rank. Bond is the equivalent to $50 and Yes this new update allows stackable bonds now
  9. Jordan

    Added the Benefits, Let me know if I missed any
  10. Jordan

    Bronze Donator $10 Regular Donator $50 Benefits; ::DZ (teleports user to Donator zone) Super Donator $100 Benefits; ::hp (Restores hitpoints/Prayer) ::DZ (teleports user to Donator zone) Extreme Donator $150 ::DZ (teleports user to Donator zone) ::Bank (Opens Bank tab) Legendary Donator $250 Benefits; ::hp (Restores hitpoints/Prayer) ::DZ (teleports user to Donator zone) Platinum Donator $500 Benefits; ::hp (Restores hitpoints/Prayer) ::bank (Opens Bank tab) ::DZ (teleports user to Donator zone)
  11. Jordan

    trade the osrs token store, top left corner, buy the osrs tokens 350m each once you've got "x" amount not sure if there is a minimum or maximum required make a thread here - https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/121-trade-requests/ and someone will get to you when they can
  12. Jordan

    I don't believe so
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