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  1. Jordan

    It was a pleasure working with you while I was in the team. you've always been a great member of the GS community and I wish you the best in life and with the house!! hopefully we see you back soon. Take care man
  2. Jordan

    I thought no at first as I thought he already had it (im sure he did) but of course he deserves it he's been here for ages the guy loves the server the community and has always put himself in a position of help be it staff. MM. Wiki editor or a help on discord. Not sure you could've picked a better person to receive this to be fair. As for Bart he too is fantastic asset to the server and community and a fantastic staff member keep up the work to both of you
  3. Jordan

    Hi sorry to hear about that. @Lou Grinder will be able to assist with helping please be patient as he's extremely busy with fixing issues right now
  4. Jordan

    Hi the server went down last night for an update and then went down shortly after for some hot fixes Hope you've managed to get online now if not it's best to do a step you've done and delete cache and ient and re install Sorry for the late reply
  5. Seems legit. lets hope this with these new devs in line that we can look forward to more and better updates well done all.
  6. Jordan

    You will need to wait for a reply from zod or maybe Hellmage. @Zod @Hellmage
  7. Jordan

    1. I agree with this it's a nice touching feature that would make task alot smoother nothing worse then reading useless text all the time. 2. Again it's a small but effective feature so I dont see why not. 3. I believe there is stuff in the works or this was atleast spoke about making benefits for higher ranks. 4. seems pointless 5. This is something that was spoke about being added/fixed a while back so keep hold. 6. cant add pouch but maybe add a way to "use plat tokens" when buying items as well as cash i very rarely have coins. 7. would be cool but this is OSRS
  8. Jordan

    Take it easy man and I hope the future is Bright for you Stay safe
  9. Jordan

    Best bet is to private message any and all proof to @Zod and he will be able to assist you or atleast he can pass the info onto the owner
  10. Jordan

    1. Shouldn't be a suggestion slayer points should be rewarded and store should be rewarding. I don't feel it should be a fix for a flaw in the game when it can be an added addition. 2. Maybe I read it wrong but wouldn't that just be a simple adding tomes to BM store that then taking away from voting and donating for such items... Like I said maybe I read it wrong. 3. Like 1 this should be a stand alone addition not as a "fix" issue is Blood money store is fucking useless and WAAAAAY over priced. Unless it's been updated on last 3 months I been gone which I highly doubt.
  11. Jordan

    Nice I also did the same as you and kept a tally of 1k kills I only managed 4 capes in 1k so you're doing better then me already haha I hope you keep up the 1k even if it does take longer
  12. Jordan

    Back when I was staff we discussed this and the development team agreed that a "game" tab filter would be added as to when that is I'm unsure. Just know that it's deffo something that on their list to do
  13. Jordan

    Sounds good Like I said any issues drop me a message
  14. Jordan

    Isn't there a option on your quest tab? I'm not 100% sure as I haven't logged in for like 4 months but I'm sure there's a forums button in the quest tab somewhere
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