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  1. South Korea

    Another one bites the dust. I'm totally kidding. Don't be a stranger. Hit up the DISCORD once in a while or some crap like that. I kinda agree with you on the progression of the server. Even myself haven't really enjoyed the server. But in time it'll change for the better.
  2. Should Wade start playing again?
    Or go back to sleep. :hurr:

  3. South Korea

    Nice loot men! pls item pl0xy
  4. Wonder if I should start playing again.

    Maybe I will... Maybe I won't..

    We'll see. O:

    1. Anz


      Come back or else.. lel 

    2. Koen


      It couldn't hurt right?


      It's always good to see old faces return ;)

    3. Kyle


      Don't come back. You'll only make things worse. 

      D A M I N.

  5. South Korea

    Epic! Cheers m8
  6. South Korea

    Welcome to Grinderscape Friend.
  7. South Korea

    Hello. I'm Wade or as many of ya'll old fgts know me as D A M I N #1 Chicken Pker I've been playing GS since late 2012. (Had many usernames as the years go by like /King of Lies/Saradomin420/Manual/Agent Texus/) You get it by now probably. I stuck around this long and now that the server's back. I hope to see new faces in the community. PS. DADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMS
  8. South Korea

    Ooo another oldie! Welcome back broski!
  9. Great Update man Turn up!
  10. South Korea

    :DDD Awesome Work BOISS
  11. South Korea

    Holy heck dude #AllHeilChickenKiller PS I'm the real chicken wtf
  12. South Korea

    I like this Suggestion!! :DDDDD
  13. WG would be nice too see.
  14. South Korea

    This is coooooooooool ty sir
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