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  1. So does this mean you'll stop spamming the SB with the same message about joining Discord?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  2. Oh, sorry, I wasn't aware that clan pking involved spamming the chat with the same or similar messages. But you're right, clan pking would be ruined if the system automatically muted people who spammed the chat with "Sale" or something like "yourargumentmakesnosenselol"
  3. Something something /r/askreddit.... https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/5lfl9l/what_did_the_most_drunk_person_say_or_do_last/
  4. I always thought you just donated to get promoted. You learn something new every day.
  5. I always wondered how he was able to look up synonyms in a thesaurus so quickly. Welcome back though nerd.
  6. I would send you a PM but since my inbox is apparently over 300% (I guess the giant inbox size I gave myself as Admin didn't carry over to the new Forums), I would have to delete a lot messages, which I can't be asked doing. Anyway, because of the VPN I'm forced to use to do anything internet related (Blame the Ethiopian government's censorship of 75% of the internet for that one), Imgur keeps screwing up, meaning I can't upload all the images. But, after some digging I was able to find the site where I got the flag icons in the first place. Here you go: http://www.iconarchive.com/show/flag-icons-by-gosquared.1.html

  7. I'll accept my pension in the form of Amazon gift cards. Don't try pushing any of these pixels on me.
  8. I was going to write a sarcastic response making fun of this thread, but after reading your responses further down I don't think there's anything else I could possibly say to make you look like an even bigger ass than you've already made yourself look like.
  9. First he joins Spectrum, and then becomes a Middleman again. I could smell the tryhard within him bubbling to the surface from a mile away. Grats though, I'm sure your time as the worst Forum Admin the world has ever seen has prepared you well for the incredibly daunting task that lies before you.
  10. max I was making a joke with my White Face co- create an account because he already did it to me so I know play like he does not know thought it was true because then sent to me banned for nothing and that everything was a joke by please take me ban by ip I love grinderscape I play the game since 2011 , I promise everyone who never do wrong things in the game, I was banned in the code 47528

  11. Lol I have no idea where you dug out that rule from, because I recognize it, but it hasn't been a part of the official rules for over a year now. Read this: