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Found 2 results

  1. Toddy


    hello everyone, i decided to make a guide to help many beginners who have difficulty making cash/slayer/skilling. I see that in clan chat help there are many similar questions, because of that, I decided to do this guide. Skilling See about all the skills and how to train each of them -> SKILL GUIDES (can be found at Top Client > in-game guides > skilling index ) all skills when you reach a certain Level/Exp you earn cash Level 50 - 5m Coins 75 - 10m Coins 99 - 50m Coins Exp 50m Exp - 100m Coins 100m Exp - 150m Coins 150m-250m Exp 250m Coins Slayer -> Slayer One of the best ways to make money in GrinderScape is with Slayer. The Slayers Points you earn by completing the Slayer Masters Task you can exchange for various items. Slayer Ring (8) - It's free (it can teleport you to the task you assigned) Slayer Ring (Eternal) - Only costs 5 Slayer Points The most sought after by players are Tomes (1)-(5)-(10). Which ones can be purchased with Slayer Master? Mining / Agility / Thieving / Hunter / Slayer / Fishing / Woodcutting What they do ? Tomes (1) gives you 1,000,000 EXP ( Tomes (10) 10M EXP ) in a certain skill (not combat). Combat Lamp Offers 1,000,000 EXP in a Combat Skill. In Slayer skill there are some monsters that have some special items to kill them. Kurask (leaf Spear/Battleaxe/Sword - buy at slayer master or players) Locate: Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, Slayer Cave Turoth (leaf Spear/Battleaxe/Sword - buy at slayer master or players) Locate: Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, Slayer Cave, Chaos Tunnel Basilisk ( Mirror Shield - buy at slayer master per 35m ) Locate: Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, Slayer Cave Cockatrice ( Mirror Shield - buy at Slayer Master per 35m ) Locate: Slayer Cave Aberrant Spectre ( Nose Peg - buy at Slayer Master ) Locate: Slayer Tower 2rd Banshee ( Earmuffs - buy at Slayer Master ) Locate: Slayer Tower Gargoyle ( Rock Hammer "use in Gargoyle 5 hp or Less" - buy at Slayer Master ) Locate: Slayer Tower, Chaos Tunnel Best farm of slayer points is (in my opinion) 1-9 Chaelder Tasks 10 Duradal Task You need slayer enchantments to teleport to Duradel. Get the enchantments by killing spiders at Lumbridge or scorpions at the dwarf mining guild. and what is the best way to make money, if not, Bosses? ------------ Best to Farm Participation Points and also to make Achievements "Boss Obliterator" Link -> Jungle Demon The Best Boss to Make Money Is Mutant Tarn. Link -> Mutant Tarn But in case you want to know more about the bosses -> ALL BOSSES I found this topic 1+ year ago, but I think it might help someone else, Money Making 300m-5000m Per Hour Credit: @Eskiimo if anyone has anything else to add, feel free to talk here in the topic Well, for the little I know of Grinderscape, that's it, Thanks to everyone who's read this far and I hope it can help you. Sincerely, Toddy
  2. First, i'm going to preface this guide with each donator rank helps this, as you finish tasks faster by reducing the size of each task. Each rank reduces your slayer task by: Donator = 40% Super Donator = 50% Extreme Donator = 60% Slayer masters: Each give blood money as a reward for completing a task, not the difficulty of the task. Turael: 2,420 blood money. Mazchna: 5,808 blood money. Vannaka: 10,890 blood money. Chaeldar: Refuses to talk to you. Duradel: 31,944 blood money. Gear/Inventory: Use the best armour and weapons you have available to you, I tested the black mask and slayer helm and found that they do offer some benefit for melee, but only if you are not using void. I started out in welfare gear, but am now using Range with elite Void and a Twisted bow. Below are those sets of gear and respective inventory setups. Steps: 1) To get to Duradel, you will need to use the Slayer Enchantment's these are essentially a teleport tab to Duradel. To obtain your slayer enchantments you will need to farm Deadly Red Spiders, they have a drop rate of about 1/10 and are stack-able so farming the is quite easy. Use the skilling teleport, and teleport to Slayer Master Vannaka. You will see a agility shortcut tunnel, climb through and run past the moss giants. I like to stand in the south side of the room, it has the most spiders. I normally melee the spiders with 27 prayer pots and stay until I'm bored or have enough Slayer Enchantments. 2) Get yourself a slayer gem, this will teleport you to your task and tell you how many creatures you have left to kill. 3) Blocklisk, I wont tell you what to block, or what to skip. that's because I haven't done enough slayer to tell you the optimal task's. But i will tell you do not buy any extended task or the bossing tasks, these will only slow you down by making your tasks last longer. 4) Profit? go fourth and slay till your hearts content, and maybe one day you will be able to buy that elusive Ghrazi rapier, or your first Infernal cape.
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