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Found 2 results

  1. pink lemons

    What's up everyone, most of you know me in game as Pink Lemons. As someone whose played private servers for over 10 years and has experience on multiple staff teams across multiple servers. I feel as if I have some solid input and suggestions that should be discussed and may potentially be implemented into the game. I've spoken with the Owner of the server and he's given me the go ahead to make suggestions and a list of questions on things that could be implemented into the game or changed entirely. All I ask is that you answer the questions honestly and give any input that you feel might help
  2. Try Alt F4

    So, i recently came back to this server after not playing since 2014 and noticed that all the economy and players have been reset and im trying to re-instate my dicer rank. i have proof of purchase but apparently Zod is claiming im not who i say i am and have been faking the screenshots of purchase which is completely false, i have the emails of purchase which i can forward to any staff or the paypal transactions to show aswell? i dont know why he assumes im trying to fake these requests. hopefully this can be sorted soon.
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