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Found 4 results

  1. So, i am now on my -3.0 streak penalty. Why is that a problem? Because I haven't missed a single day of voting since thanksgiving. Yesterday, I was exempt from rewards because of a "2.0 streak penalty" today its the same but with a 3.0, after voting again. I have been cheated! Cheating Jesus never ends up well, don't you read the Bible? Help! Becoming annoying to the point that I am about to stop voting. I have ran this by server staff, and apparently I am not the only one. Lets be realistic=I enjoy grinderscape so very much. I vote BECAUSE this is my home server, and I love all you friggin nutjobs so damn much. But I would like my rewards. Cheers! RIP Chapecoense!!!!!!!!! P.S. Had to reduce screenshot size, due to upload limitations. PM if you need a larger one.
  2. I think its worthwhile to suggest that the lottery would be much more larger and people would enter it more, if two different lotteries happened, i.e. voting lottery capped at 120m and u can't buy into it. while the second lottery, you can only buy into it! say 20m entry (with 1 entry per host/ip whatever) . There would be an issue to consider which is what if pot for the second lottery reaches max cash, idk the solution yet, but its pretty unlikely 1k people will enter the lottery.
  3. I just voted and tried to redeem the rewards on my account "Slimez Jr" (with 3x space, also tried "Slimez___Jr"). I know you can't create accounts with multiple spaces in a row anymore. This account is old tho and also super donator. Also you can see here the spaces got replaced by just one space. Cause I can redeem the vote on another account I assume this bug is on the website. Please take a look at this issue, thanks alot. //Edit: seems like voting doesn't work at the moment. I will try to redeem later again.
  4. Hello Grinderscape community, I have noticed people do not ::vote ingame regularly. It is very important for all of us to do this everyday to reach the top!. However, on our moparscape advertisement, you can vote hourly! I notice not many players ever vote on this link so here it is http://www.moparscape.org/serverstatus.php?action=up&server=grinderscape.world1.org It would be greatly appreciated if everyone could please use this link every time you get a spare moment, I have done a whole lot of these votes myself, so theres another reason why this is important. Thanks for reviewing and I hope this helps. -Mod Zack