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Remove this custom drop table and return it to the base 07 Drop tables. They are confusing and most players will not have a clue what is going on.

The current Drop table is flooded with rare items, player made items and Alchables, making the economy unbalanced and within a few weeks the server will be flooded with GP and items, Causing rare items to spike in price. The server has gone down this path once before and we can all see the results.

This economy doesn't need these to start with, Tweak the drop tables based on Feedback instead of overbuffing them to start with.

PvM Drops should not devalue skilling in ANY way, This means NO Crafted Jewelery, Bolts, Dhide ect ect.
Slayer drops should remain slayer drops.

Give the drops a buff by adding Skilling items to push the economy, instead of just throwing items in players faces.

Dhides, herbs, Secondaries, Ores, Bars, Logs, Gems. These are the drops that are needed to push an economy, Not already crafted gear.


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I definitely see your point. Once we're in game we will test all the monsters/bosses, and if items are being earned too quickly, then we will definitely take fast action


For now though most of the "good" items dropped by regular monsters aren't that op, it gives players a reason to do slayer, without really hurting the economy

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