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Wiki updates/ upcoming updates!

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Updates/ Upcoming updates:

- Side Menu : We have updated the side menu to replicate most views pages/ most important content we have available for easier access. 

- Main page : We are getting rid of the "In-game Section & Forums Section" and integrating links that are essential to daily gameplay.

- Skill Guides : We are more than 85% complete on ALL Regular account skill guides with up to date content/ pictures to make training any skill easier.

- Skill Guide selector : We are integrating all skill guides in a GIF of every skill cape with each skill listed for fashion and ease of access.

- Skill Guide GFX : Thanks to @Wrath and @Valar each skill guide will also include a nice looking GFX text at the top of the page. (More GFX will be added all around the Wiki site.

- Boss Guides : Boss guides are now over 90% done! With the new updates, we will be doing some changes down the road but for the most part they're all up to date/ current content!

- Server Team : This page will include all the teams we have in Grinderscape; from In-game staff, Forums Staff, Wiki Team, and MM Team. (Might add discord staff in there as well)

- Due to the recent update we had which can be found here;  

  price guide will most likely have a small update as we figure out stable prices.



Upcoming Content:

- Skilling guides : As soon as the regular skill guides are 100% complete, we will star doing all skill guides for Classic mode.

- Boss guides : We will work hard and in a timely manner to get the Boss guides 100% complete with the recent update.

- Money making method : As this was requested multiple time, we will add multiple money making methods that are available to all players. However, this will still be a little bit as we will continue with the Classic skilling guides.

- GFX : As we currently have 2 Graphic Designers working along side with the Wiki Team, we will start adding more GFX content to the Wiki as it will give it more fashion.

- Non-popular/ least visited pagst  We understand that all parts of the wiki needs updating even though some of it is not as important as other content. However, we will make sure even the smallest part of the Wiki on updated!    

- NPC list : This will most likely be last on our list as it will take a while to complete. This way if you need to find a location of any NPC that is not your slayer task you can check there location there.                                                                                                 


** If you have any suggestion/ complains with any content feel free to pm any Staff Member or Wiki Editor! Were here to make Grinderscape content as easy as possible. **

- Wiki Team


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