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aurimeelis maxed max $100,00 reward

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sooo... finally we got this... :P i say we becoause alot of friends helped me and supported to not give up.. got big support with bones for prayer from cuto and beauty. Anythinghelps and ranarrjuana protectem me in wildy , while was getting hunter xp :P Btartaros one of the best supporter... helped helped comprehensively... and also alcotty with wrath, they also helped me very much for reaching my goals.. big thaks to you guys and to all support from server :P there was few painfull skills to max , but with good knowledge , with vote bonuses for xp , with all players tips we made it !!! i am really glad i made it, and now i am helping all the skillers to achieve their goals , with my tips and knowledge.. its not hard.. just done be lazy :P

bandicam 2020-08-09 20-54-04-589.jpg

bandicam 2020-08-09 21-08-10-964.jpg

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1 minute ago, Btartaros said:

So you couldn't do this alone like me? 😘 

Gz mate. Well done! I am proud of you! 😄

after year maybye :D thank you !!!

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