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YouTuber code of conduct and FaQ

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Hello Grinderscape community, this thread is strictly on the code of conduct and frequently asked questions about the rank of YouTuber. YouTuber ranks are not given out lightly and comes with some responsibilities to the community and to the Staff Team. After you are accepted as a YouTuber you will earn the In-game rank of YoutuberForumCrown.png.f0dac754c5f336fe6adb50fede8c5b2a.png as well as the forum rank of  2034915328_Youtuberuserbar.png.d614a22484b40b80928f69d75b2dcda3.png .


This thread will go over the following;

- Rules and regulations

- Code of conduct

- What we are looking for in a youtuber

- Possible rewards

- How to apply



Rules and Regulations

As a YouTuber you are not above the rules. Every YouTuber must follow all our rules that we have set in place for In-game, Forums, Discord, and our in-game Clan Chat. YouTubers may or may not get some starter content items for example ( mystery boxes, crystal keys, muddy keys, ect. ) with that being said they are not allowed to sell any items obtained for video purposes only unless discussed with the Administrative Team. Failure to meet these rules the said YouTuber account will be wiped, demoted, and permanently banned from the Grinderscape community. 


Code of Conduct

Applicants and newly promoted YouTubers must obey they following;

- Follow In-game, Forums, Discord, and Clan Chat rules.

- Be friendly and mature to all players and Staff Members.

- Do not have any outstanding punishments.

- Do not steal other peoples work.

- And most importantly have fun with your videos!


What we are looking for in a Youtuber

Not only that a YouTuber has to be friendly, original, mature, respected, and creative we also want the same for their videos. Gaining respect in the community will boost your chances of getting promoted. We require the videos to be at least 1 and a half minutes ( 1:30 ) long; audio and music is optional but strongly recommended.


Possible rewards

Now only that a YouTuber is a volunteer rank, YouTubers might be entitles to some rewards for doing a good job. More videos that a YouTuber post the greater their chances are to gain personal rewards meaning for their use. Rewards might be but not limited to ( GS GP, 07 GP, Premium points, Weapons, Armor, and in some cases Paid videos ).


How to apply

Applying to become a YouTuber is simple, our application format is already laid out automatically as soon as you click " Start new topic ". All the applying member has to do is fill in the blanks with honesty and integrity. If your application exceeds 2 weeks without an acceptance or denial post the application will be lock and voided and the applicant must submit a new application.   

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