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Spinolyp's At Dag Kings need a nerf

Nerf Spinolyps accuracy/damage at Dagganoth Kings  

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  1. 1. Anyone else think the Spinolyps at Dagganoth Kings hit way too hard and often?

    • Lower Spinolyps accuracy and damage
    • Decrease the amount of Spinolyps in the area and reduce time to lose aggro from them

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Spinolyps at Dagannoth Kings hit way too often. They are no where near this strong in regular osrs. They hit you non stop even with 370 range defense. It's sad that the spinolyps are 90% of your worry for dying and the actual boss are 10%. Please nerf them, lower their damage/accuracy or reduce the amount of spinolyps and reduce time to lose aggro.

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Will nerf them it was using magic attack accuracy checks, it should be nerfed after next restart.

Thanks for reporting!

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