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little fun HNS for the server

holy spliff

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I'm new to the server, about 2 weeks played and i wanted to have fun and give back to community.

Thanks to donators: Spasma, ninetynine and boysandgirls

couple more cash piles and an Ely thrown into mix last minute.

Congrats to all the winners, hope to host some more in future.



congrats to:

Hmong Main-d claws

A race!

1st- Explore

2nd- Vonn

3rd Mr1adrian

Hide and Seek:

1st- Hmong Main/ elite void range set

2nd-sarapsak /prims

3rd- meteor/sgs

Race to location

1st-explore /eternal glory

2nd-sarapsak/Arcane spirit shield

3rd-richie2skilled /eternal boots


1st-Johnathon /ely

2nd- meteor/2b

3rd- richie2skilled/infernal cape

4th- hmong main/boot set

5th-anaconda /elite void

Its a race!

1st- richie2skill/white whip

2nd- vonn/prims

3rd- jank/eldermaul








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ty fam and all that helped out ❤️ it was fun and really enjoyed it :)


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Love that players take their time to host random and unique events for the community, keep it up!

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