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New Website Design! We've Designed a Masterpiece!

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Hello everyone,


As many of you can see the website has been updated to a complete new design. Some of you may have known this from the past suggestion threads on which website design to choose. We have got a teams to do over 8 completely unique website design, and about 6 other variants until we have finally ended up getting this master piece with all the details.



While I am proud to announce this, the new website will also be featuring significant changes in the future such as integrating the login/register system with forums, adding 2FA support system, and creating a unique panel for staff members to be able to further help players in any required cases such as password resets, logs, scams, PIN reset, and much more. In addition, the forums and wiki will get a design revamp to match our new home page design very soon. Finally, we are planning in the future to integrate Discord/Forums/Website with In-game so that if a new thread is created on forums it would be announced on Discord, or maybe you can check the player count from Discord and many similar features. Collection Log should also be able to be displayed on the player forums account with many other integrations such as if you get the members rank on game, it would automatically update on your forums account.



The website is design responsive and dynamic, which means it should also be compatible on mobile phones, and other internet browsers. This is a nice thumbs up for the project since we will be redoing our server base to support RuneLite and this means also support for Android game client, and perhaps iOS client with additional AFK skilling to make it very mobile friendly for users who want to play the game while doing something else and the same time gaining skills experience, and money.



Note: There might still be minor changes to the current live design which would only be mini touches just to get everything perfectly proportional and well fitted.

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Amazing job with the new website! Totally love the new design and can't wait for more future updates. Thank you! 

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Did I hear mobile integration? :o 

Now I can bank stand on the go!

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Thanks everyone for the great comments ❤️ love ya'll

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