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Big new Wiki content!

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Hey guys,

As we improved a lot of things on Wiki, I will give you a new update!


- Grinderscape website and wiki have both adapted a new design. Below you will see how it looks like. Go check it out!  


- Deleted a lot of pages like outdated bossing guides and skilling guides. If you are looking for a page now, it will be much easier to find the right one.

Bossing guides

- Added new drop rates for all bosses.

- All gear set ups for bosses are finished.

- A lot of mechanics are added to the bossing guides. 

- Guides of Obor, Demonic Gorillas and Lizardman Shaman are fully updated since they were almost empty.

- Videos added to bossing guides. A big thanks to @Legends, who is working hard to make videos for all bosses. Very useful to see how to kill a boss!


Skilling guides

- Hunter guide added to skilling guides page. (There was already a hunter guide, but we had some technical problems to add it to the skilling guides page.)

- Catching Karambwan added to regular/classic and ironman skilling guides.

Upcoming content

- New homepage. Maranami will make a completely new homepage. Coming soon! :)

- New monster page. We have not yet decided what to do with the monster list. Do you have ideas? Let us know!

- Pages with explanations of all existing clue scrolls we have in-game. We are already working on it and below you can see how it looks like for now. Big thanks to @Wrathfor all the explanation!


A big thanks to the Wiki team for all their hard work. And to you, as community, for using our Wiki pages!


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Wow, im loving all the new changes to the wiki. It looks amazing! Thank you to the wiki team and everyone who contributed to it! Keep up the great work guys! 

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Amazing update you guys @wiki team! Can’t wait for more updates! Keep on grinding! 

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