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Wiki update: New Homepage and much more!

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Hey guys,

As we improved the wiki a lot since my last update, I will give you a new one.

New homepage!

First of all we realized the new Wiki homepage. Big thanks to Maranami for his amazing work! I hope you guys use and enjoy it.


Bossing guides

- All bossing guides are up to date now! That means you can find all information you need to kill the boss, like what to pray, a recommended inventory, gear set ups and tips to kill the boss. Big thanks to Zerkia for all his amazing work on this!

- All bossing and monster guides are leading to the right sections now.

Skilling guides

- Added some new content (based on last in-game update) like Wrath runes for runecrafting, Woodcutting guild for woodcutting and broad bolts / amethyst broad bolts for fletching. Beside that you can find slayer equipments now on the slayer guide that are required to finish some monsters.


- All skilling guides links are leading to the right sections now.

General things

- Fixed some spelling errors, incorrect information and improved some general guides with small changes.

- All pages on the top of client are leading to the right sections now. Example: players found different price guides, which is fixed now.

- You can now use the Clue scrolls guide on the top of your client. Remember the guide is still a work in progress!


Upcoming content

- New monster section where you can find all information you need about all monsters, like locations, drop rates and equipments.

- Clue scrolls guide will be finished as soon as possible.

- A lot of old pages will be deleted, so it's much easier for you to find the correct pages.

- More videos will be added to the bossing guides.

- A new FAQ page.

We really appreciate the suggestions you guys gave in #wiki-suggestions on Discord. Keep it up! You can also personal message one of the wiki team members.

Big thanks to the wiki team for their amazing work. And thanks to you guys for using our wiki! 💪


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Thanks for the massive improvements and I would like to personally thank the wiki team in the beautiful work they are doing ❤️
this is very helpful even to skilled / experienced people and especially to those who just started :)
Big thanks to maranami for the expertise 😜 

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Since he didn't call himself out, I'd like to thank Bart for all his wiki work as well. He was the one who did the massive link structure update to all links and breadcrumbs point to the correct places. It was a very large job and he did it quite flawlessly!

Thanks for all you do for the wiki team Bart!

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Mom I'm on TV!

For real though, it's been a fun time helping out here and there, and always fun to chat with the others on the team! To another year of good times! 🥂

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Its a masterpiece! Looks amazing. Big thank you to Bart and Maranami and the wiki team for all the hard work you guys put in. We really appreciate it a ton! Keep up the great work! 

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