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New Wiki update + new Wiki manager!

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Hello guys,

It's time for a new update as we improved the Wiki since the last update!

FAQ page

We have made a FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) like we promised in our last wiki update. The questions are about all kind of subjects. This could be a very helpful page, especially when you are new on the server! Use the channel #wiki-suggestions on our Discord if you think we have to add new questions.


Warriors guild

There has been a massive update on the warriors guild on the last in-game update. All information you need to know about the warriors guild, can you find on our Wiki now. Thanks for doing this, Zerkia!



Clue scrolls

We already added the elite and hard clue scrolls a while ago as you could see in a previous Wiki update. Last week, we made a start on the medium clue scrolls. This section and the section for easy clue scrolls will be finished soon.


Server rules

- Updated our in-game rules.

- Added clan chat rules.

This means you can find all kind of Grinderscape rules on our Wiki now.

General things

- A lot of old pages and sections are removed. This means it will be much easier for you to find the page you are looking for.

- Updated all server teams. There has been a lot of changes on server teams recently. So if you want to know all the teams, you can find it easily on our Wiki.

- Updated some guides like Attack guide, Defence guide and Voting point store.

Upcoming content

- Price guide. All items on our price list will get a wiki page where we will add the most important information about the items, like bonuses and how to get the item.

- New bossing videos.

- NPC guides (work in progress).

- Clue scrolls (work in progress).

New wiki manager!

I have decided to make Maranami our new Wiki manager for all his dedication to the Wiki. Congratulations mate! From now he will make the new Wiki threads.

Thanks again to the Wiki team for all their hard work. And thanks to you guys for using our Wiki!

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So weird seeing our work on these haha, but glad to be part of the team as always! 

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We've gotten some absolutely massive work done these past few months to make the wiki great! Couldn't have been more happy with Bart as the wiki manager and the decisions he made to get the wiki to where it is now. Great work to everyone involved :)

Thanks for your trust in me to continue making the wiki as good as it can be in your stead! :D 

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Congrats @Maranami 💓 You deserve it brother. Keep up the great work guys! Wiki is a masterpiece and is only getting better.

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Nice job on the Wiki homies! And congratulations on wiki manager @Maranami! Can’t wait to see what the wiki will look like in the future! 

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