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Note: This thread is strictly to assist players in anything they need help with. The thread will help determine which Staff Member is best suitable for any issues players might have.

Note: Please message the lowest possible Staff Member if possible that is able to help with your situation.  

Note: Players may be subject to In-game punishment for excessively tagging or private messaging a Staff Member .




Server%20Supporter.pngServer Supporters Server%20Supporter.png can assist players by; Send players home - Un-jail - Un-mute, as well as giving those punishments.



mod_silver.gifIn-game Moderatorsmod_silver.gif same as the Server Supports, Moderators can assist players by; Unlocking an account - Resetting bank pins - Canceling slayer tasks - Un-IP mute - Un-ban - Un-IP ban - Un-Mac ban, as well as giving those punishments. 



global_moderator.png Global Moderators global_moderator.png same as the Moderators, Global Moderators can assist players by; Drawing the lottery - Teleport players to them - Un-Host ban, as well as giving those punishments.



mod_gold.gif In-game Administrators mod_gold.gif same as the Global Moderators, Administrators can assist players by; Resetting passwords - Clearing hunter traps - Wipe accounts - Un-Super banas well as giving those punishments.



Co%20Owner.png Co-Owners Co%20Owner.png same as the Administrators, the Co-Owner can assist players by; doing anything In-game, as well as giving any punishment.



Owner.png Owners Owner.png same as the Co-Owner, the Owner can assist player by; doing anything Account related, as well as giving any punishment.




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