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GrinderScape - Combat Update

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Finally, I'm glad to announce that Combat System Scrath Rework is ready to be released, I'm aware that it has took a really long time to be finished, but nothing good comes easy, however wouldn't be possible to have such an accurate result without the help of many from the Support Team, so I'd like to immensely thank everyone who helped on information gathering and testing, I'd like to specially thank @Byron for spending a lot gathering data and mainly @Russ for spending countless Hours with me testing hardly and researching until we've got everything working straight and his knowledge on how combat works is awesome... Without help from those it would take much longer to finish this project.


I would like to point out that no custom were worked yet, everything was made to reflect the real RS 2012 system, any further modification will be questioned and voted by the community, meaning that our custom weapons are still going to suffer modifications according to community wishes. (I'm planning an in-game interface to handle all polls, players will be rewarded for inputing their oppinions).


The Combat System was made aiming to be most efficient and maintainable possible, meaning that in matter of seconds I can add a new Weapon, new Bolt Effect, new Shield Effect, new Spell, everything with a very minor work necessary.


Lets move to the news, also I'd like to mention that probably only 1/4 or 2/4 of what have been done is listed here, I'm not getting into much details, I'll also update this list later as we remember other things that we may have forgotten.


Combat System


As first movements on the project, all formulas for max hit, accuracy, defence calculation were created from scratch after many researches and tests.


All weapons, spells have their max attack distance set, which is also affected by the Attack Style.

All weapons, spells have their attack speed set, which is also affected by the Attack Style.

All weapons | spells had their attack sounds, animations properly set.


Stacking: http://i.imgur.com/KvQ4Ok6.gif


Weapon Specials


All Weapon Specials were created, using their real bonus values and effects.




Hand Cannon


1 - You will be able to interrupt the special at any time.

2 - After the first special hit, in case player has attack type on aggressive (Fast), it will quickly performa second hit with damage boost. (You're able to perform the first hit on accurate mode and then quickly switch to fast mode in order to hit again);


Combat Interface & Switching


The combat interface will now display the current special attack energy percentage.




Switching was improved to be as fast as possible.


The Combat Interface was fully reworked, making much less data exchange necessary to switch information, allowing us to quickly change information once weapon is switched, resulting in a much faster switching,

providing a possbile instant special right after weapon is changed.


A weapon that's worth to mention is Granite Maul, it's fully working now, and skilled players can take full advantage of it: 

GIF: http://i.imgur.com/Cu3dg9L.gifv




All weapons are registered with their proper bonuses, effects, attack speed, skill XP reward (I'll not get into details otherwise it will be huge)


Now defence bonus will take in account when calculating accuracy, unlike old system.

Attack style will also matter now, aggressive will boost a bit of strength, while controled will increase too but less, and accurate mode will increase accuracy.


Now while frozen players will not be able to attack diagonally.


Players will just move until the spot necessary to reach a target: zPFiC7A.gif

Now eating | switching and other kind of combat interference will interrupt the combat, like supposed to happen: 






All bows, bolts, arrows are registered with their proper bonuses, effect, attack speed.


Bolts Effects


A system to handle enchanted bolt effects was created.

All bolts received their proper effect: 


Includes Opal, Topaz, Pearl, Jade Bolt effects.


Dragon (e) - The max hit is based on opponents defense, which lower defense higher the max hit will be. (99-1) defense respectively on the pics.




All mage spell books interface were created, providing options to filter, order spells.



The new Spell book allows to auto cast without any staff being worn.



You can toggle left-click auto casting at settings LttnJsF.png



All spells were added with their proper max hit, accuracy, effects.


Multi target spells:




There are some new spells, such as:

Storm of Armadyl (The way runes is obtained, will be defined later)


Miasmic Spells

Disruption Shield, Spellbook Swap, etc.


Mage spells projectile | speed | hit delay are set accurately.

Freeze effects wear off once caster leave the combat area.

Magic Damage bonus will affect mage max hit.

Armadyl Storm and Magic Dart max hit increases based on player mage level.

There's a 5 seconds of invulnerability after player is frozen.

During Invulnerability time ice barrage will display a different Blue Orb Graphic.




Combat Experience will be accurately gained according player attack style

All combat experience gain was adjusted and reduced, now that players will be able to start with some initial levels.




The hitmark system was improved, now it support rendering over 4 hitmarks, which allow us to display all damages received by a player, and the limit of damage displayed was increased.




Hit Splash will now highlight in case the damage was inflicted by you or on you, and a absorption value will be displayed next to it.



In case damage is not related to you, it will appear dimmed



Damages equal or higher (in case of special) player's max hit, will render with a different splash


Damage is now capped to the target max life, meaning that in case target eats after hit was dealt and before damage propagate (reach him), the player will not die.


New distinct damage types such as Fire Breath damage was added to the system, in order to be handled diffeently.


Fire Breath damage can be reduced by using antifire potions, antifire shield and mage prayer protection.




Prayer system was reworked from scratch, all prayers will work with their bonuses accurately.


Prayer and Curse interfaces were created, they will now display current player buff|debuff bonus.



Deflect Curses will properly defect some of damage received to opponent.


Buff & Debuff bonuses


Now prayer Buff and Debuff bonuses will affect your combat damage and accuracy, you can keep track of them by toggling stats adjustments section.

Curse leech effects will apply bonus debuff on target and buff their own stats.

The bonuses will slowly reduce, and once you interrupt combat after some time they will deplete.






Some shield effects will now also provide damage absorption:

Elysian Spirit Shield: 70% of chance of absorbing 25% of the damage received.

Divine Spirit Shield: 100% of chance of absorbing 30% of the damage received, requires prayer points to work, However it will drain half of the damage absorbed from prayer points.


Dragonfire Shield


By right clicking operate on your Dragonfire shield it will enable the special, in case you are not in combat, it will await you start a combat to cast the special.

The Shield special may deal up to 29 of Fire Breath Damage and has 120 seconds of Cooldown.





Effect Items


Slayer Helm - Boost damage by 16,6% on Slayer Targets.

Castle Wars Bracelet - Boost by 20% damage against Flag Holders.

Ring of Life - Will teleport away players that are about to die, as long they are bellow Level 30 Wild.

Phoenix Necklace - Recover 30% of player's max live in case health falls bellow 20%, in duel arena only works when food is not forbidden.

Ring of Recoil - Will retaliate damages, has 40 charges, you can right click to check how many charges left before turn to dust.

Berserker Necklace - Combined with TzHaars items will provide a 20% damage Boost.

Staff of Light - There's 25% of chance to save the spell runes.

Void Set - Will bonus by 10% Accuracy and Damage.

Ava's Accumulator, Completionist Cape(t) - Provides a chance of saving an ammo, as long player is not wearing any metal body.



Barrows Effects


All barrows set were created accurately


Dharok - Wretched Strength: Maximum melee hit increases according to the amount of damage the wielder has taken. The damage increase maxes out at 10% lifepoints, at which point maximum hit is doubled.



Ahrim - Blighted Aura: Successful magic attacks have a chance of lowering the enemy's Strength by five levels repeatedly.



Guthans - Infestation: Successful attacks have a chance of healing the wielder an amount of life points equal to the damage dealt. A hit for 200 damage may heal 200 life points.



Torag's - Corruption: Successful melee attacks have a chance of lowering the victim's run energy by 20%.



Karil's -  Tainted Shot: Successful ranged attacks have a chance of lowering the target's Agility level.



Veracs - Defiler: Attacks have a chance of ignoring the target's armour and any active protection prayers, potentially causing heavy damage.




Bolt Crafting




Players can now cut gems into bolt tips

GIF: http://i.imgur.com/7VAbxlC.gifv


Players can now use bolt tips to craft gem bolts:

GIF: http://i.imgur.com/5HR1nYi.gifv


Walking & Following


Walking system was also recreated, walking will require more resources from our game as now it's calculated on server, that way we avoid the 'walk-back' issue caused by the latency between client-server.

However everything was made to be the most efficient and accurate possible, now chasing NPCs, Players will be much smoother, you will no longer miss a hit while chasing a player or dance bellow a NPC trying to reach a point to attack.



While in combat players will follow their target just the enough to attack according required attack distance, in case target is running, player will try to close the gap between them following their target and being able to attack at same time!



Clipped Attack | Projectiles


The game will prevent attacks through walls and will allow attacks through fences



GIF: http://i.imgur.com/FVOw7GN.gifv


Game Modes


Once you create an account you should select a Game Mode.


Some Game Modes will start with initial levels and more specific starter pack








Non-Combat Spells


As natural, all non combat spells were reworked too.


Alchemy - In case you attempt to alch too fast, it will automatically alch once the minimum delay has elapsed! (Rather than cancel the action)


Enchant - Enchant spells will work on ALL Jewlleries.

GIF: http://i.imgur.com/cOVbEU6.gifv


Orb Charing - Orb Charging will work an dallow players to charge any type of Orb, providing more utilities to Skilling



GIF: http://i.imgur.com/mFNolUo.gifv


Bones to Bananas and Bones to Peaches - Those spells will convert up to Big bones into bananas or peaches.

GIF: http://i.imgur.com/ac9IkC0.gifv


Superheat - Will smelt any ore from your inventory. (when used on coal will attempt to smelt the best ore that you have available)

Part of smithing was reworked to allow that, in the future, smithing on fournace will also require coals.

GIF: http://i.imgur.com/X9DZHjP.gifv


Teleknetic grab - Was also reworked, and now it's clipped.

GIF: http://i.imgur.com/3xsvFy1.gifv


Humidify - Will fill any empty vessel

GIF: http://i.imgur.com/YJuf0kR.gifv


Dream - Will restore life points 5x faster untill it's fully restored.

GIF: http://i.imgur.com/c4Ph2gF.gifv


Stat pot share and Boost pot share - Will share up to 4 doses (or the available doses) with players around, works for flasks too.

GIF: http://i.imgur.com/2e5luE8.gifv


Enchant Cross bolt - Turn bolts into bolt (e)



Stat Spy - Allows to check out someone's stats.




Player Equipment


The player Equipment system was reworked to use a container system for the equipped items, that will allow the next improvement on Degradables, which is make each degradable item have its own % of degradation.


Sound Effects


4K of new sound effects were added to the game, over 1,000 sounds effects were implemented and overriden by the old ones.


Bounty Hunter


Bounty Hunter is a new aspect of Wild, a mini-game where you can gain extra rewards and advance your scores to reach better ranks.


In the wilderness, once your target meter fully completes, you will be assigned random targets, and will earn Scores and rewards by defeating them, or lose score points when defeated by your target.




Score & Rank


Once killing a target there are lots of factors that will analyze your fight and determine how many points it's worth, resulting in a value between 0-25 points.


Your rank will rotate every 500 points, right before you move to the next rank, a promotion stage will start, you must win 2 of 3 target fights in order to advance to the next rank, in case you fail in the promotion stage, 

your scores will decrease and you will have to reach promotion stage over again in order to keep advancing.


In case you evade a fight against your target, by leaving wild our teleporting out, you lose 10 score points as penalty.

Teleporting out during any fight will cause 25% reduction on your EP.


Once you reach promotion stage, a new label will appear displaying promotion progress:



Wild Interface


On the Top Right of your screen there will be target-related information available.


The horizontal bar is your target assignment metter, once it's fully complete you will be assigned a random target, withing the limit of 4 combat levels of difference.

The target metter increase speed is based on your carried wealth, the more wealth the faster you will be assigned a target.


Wealth: Represents your carried wealth, carrying more wealth brings the advantages of faster target assigning and EP gain.


EP: Earned Potential, which represents your chance of gaining a statuette when killing a player, killing targets increase the chances even more, while rougue kills will 

make impossible to gain best statuettes, in order to increase your EP gain, you should remain at wild close to other players with some wealth carried, a few other factors will determine how fast your EP will rise.




Once your target is assigned, you will be able to see his name and the surrounding wild level that he can be



An arrow on the minimap will point where your target is located




Target Teleporting


You have the option to teleport to a radius of 5 squares near your target, with some restrictions:

1 - You must be 30 squares of distance at least from your target.

2 - You can only teleport to the same target once.

3 - Requires one Law, Death, Chaos rune to cast.

4 - You must be out of combat.





Earned Potential


When killing a player at wild, depending on your EP you will gain a statuette as drop.

The statuette tier depends on the amount of EP you have, the higher EP more tiers will be available to be dropped.

In case you have 70% EP+ you can get statuette up to tier 5.

However if you have 70% EP and it roll 34% You will gain a statuette tier 2 and lose 34% of EP.

Performing a Rougue kill will reduce your EP percentage.




In the left side of screen there's a small button to toggle wild statistics.( the button is small to avoid miss-clicking while running, since players wouldn't toggle it frequently it shouldn't be a problem. )


There you will be able to check your current score points, rank and rank position followed by the # sign, which is updated every minute.





Absorption System


The absorption system takes player's absorption stat against an attack type, and will reduce any damage values higher than 20 by the current stat percent value.

Meaning that with 20% magic absorption, a damage taken of 30 would be reduced to 24.

Absorbed hits will be displayed next to the Damage Splash.




Damage absorption displaying is optional, and you can toggle at settings inteface.




Running System


Player running also suffered some modifications, as escaping plays a role in the Combat, everything was adjusted so Running Energy will be an important piece of combat.


Now max run value is 100.

Now your weight will determine how fast your energy is drained.

You will no longer spend run energy while following a player that is walking.

As usual, your agility also determines how fast your energy restores.


All those changes above makes Weapon Specials (Whip) and Curses (Energy Leech) more useful, increasing more strategy to combat.


Player Equipment


A new player equipment interface was created


You're able to manually rotate by dragging your mouse.

You are able to rotate on the X and Y axis.

You're able to set automatic rotation, which will rotate player completely and turn back. 




You will notice some different stats:

Absorption: The proper absorption values were added to all in-game items, those will help balancing Combat Triangle.

Magic Damage: Displays Bonus percentage of magic Max Hit

Weight: Display current player weight, which affects running.




Weapon Poison


A system to handle poison-able Weapons and Arrows was created.


Now Poisoned Weapons and arrows will apply poison effect over damaged player.


There are those following possible poison strength:

Weak - (p), Regular (p+), and Strong (p++), dealing (4 - 5 -  6) of damage respectively.



GIF: http://i.imgur.com/bZHJOKh.gifv


Potion System


Potions were fully reworked, all potions effects were been accurately created, and all potions flasks are working.

There are some new potions working, such as: Prayer Renewal


Potions working:




Multi Combat Areas


Multi combat areas were reworked, this picture will reflect current Multi combat spots, however some things were already adjusted:



World Teleport


The old teleporting system was confuse, mainly to new players, now all teleports are packed in a single interface that can be accessed from the World Map icon



The interface will provide a much cleaner and simple way to move around the game




Onyx Amulet Crafting


It's now possible to craft onyx amulets using Cut Onyx.





Stores Changes


In order to expand the game and require a little more effort to require resources, most shops were moved to different places,

as having everything packed make game looks quite unprofessional, and in the future resources will be more difficult to be obtained

and wont be available in shops with in huge amounts.


     New Locations: http://imgur.com/a/RPUkx


Fancy Items store was moved to fremenik city at Yrsa.



Archer store was moved to varrock



Mage store was moved to varrock at 'Zaff' placement.



Gile was moved to falador armor store place.



Desert set can be bought at shantay store at Al-kharid shantay pass.



Candle seller was moved to catcherby.


Wise old man was placed at Draynor, there's still one at Neitznot however.

Ozan was moved to Varrock clotches shop


Make-over mage was moved to varrock.



Oziach at Edgeville North-west will now sell pure supplies



Bob is not placed at Varrock's weapon store. 



Potions store was moved to Varrock's potion with Apothecary.


Apotecary will sell a personal limited stock to each player.


Food store was moved to Catcherby with 'Cook's Brother' at north of bank.



TzHaar's Shop prices were adjusted.

Premium points shop was adjusted.

PKP reward shop was adjusted.


Kalphite Queen


Kalphite Queen was reworked from scratch.




It's a really tough Boss and hardly you will be able to solo her, she received new drops and in the future she may drop Dragon Kiteshield.


The Kalphite Queen has two forms and her prayer will prevent from being attacked with respective attack styles.


Mage Store


Teletabs will be sold on Mage Store

Teletabs shop price was changed to 50k

Rune stock was reduced.



Archer store


The huge amount of enchanted bolts was overplaced by a few of gem bolts, now players are able to craft their own enchanted bolts.




Degradable Items




Our item Degrading system was improved to support Vesta's, Statius, Zuriel, Morrigan and Chaotic items degrading.


Now all of those items will degrade to dust in a certain period of time, they will degrade quite quicly, but they aren't that hard to be obtained, providing a quite good flow in the economy.


Chaotic weapons and armors will last a few amount of hits and armor a certain of damage received.


Important: However the Ancient Warriors items will degrade while they are being wielded, the corrupt and non corrupt pieces, such as ( Vesta, Statius, Morrigans, Zuriels )

Non Corrupt - Lasts 15 minutes being wield.

Corrupt - Lasts 30  minutes being wield.


You are able to right-click the item to check the degradation stage:





The game will warn when your Ancient Warrior item is about to degrade:




Forinthy Dungeon


A new dungeon accessible from the wilderness was added, you will find entrances at level 17 and 31 at Wild (Close to Bounty Hunter Crater), inside the dungeon is Multi Combat Wilderness area.






Inside you will find a lot of NPCs (Dragons, Demons, Hellhounds), but the most important are the Revenants.


The Revenants will attack using all 3 Combat Styles, they will always pick your weakest style and quickly react to your prayer protections.

When attacking a revenant you will become skulled.


Those are the possible revenants drops





Vine Whip was moved to Slayer Reward Shop and can now be rarely be dropped by any slayer monster (Part of it).




Players can now learn how to craft a vine whip by attaching a Whip Vine to an Abyssal Whip, that requires 800 Slayer Points and 80 Slayer Level.





There's a very small chance (depending on task difficulty) that a Whip Vine will be dropped upon every Slayer Monster kill.






Drops weren't reworked (they will be later), however a few things have changed in order to reflect our new economy plans.



Lots of Items from PK Shop and Avatar drops were moved to bosses.


Black Knight Titan

  • Chaotic Kiteshield
  • Blood Necklace



  • Chaotic Longsword
  • Chaotic Maul
  • Korasi's Sword
  • Archer's Ring(i)


Mutant Tarn

  • Chaotic Rapier
  • Chaotic Crossbow
  • Warrior Ring(i)
  • Farseer Kiteshield


Chaos Elemental

  • Korasi's Sword
  • Flameburst Defender
  • Berserker Ring(i)


Slash Bash

  • Chaotic Staff
  • Hand cannon
  • Arcane Stream Necklace
  • Arcane Blast Necklace
  • Arcane Pulse Necklace


Ice Queen

  • Seer's Ring (i)


Kalphite Queen

  • Ring of Vigour




Avatars no longer will drop Ancient Warrior items, however they will still drop Brawling Gloves.

Charms (Gold, Chrimson, Green, Blue) were added to many other monsters and bosses.

Lots of items from Player Killing Reward store were added to Slayer | Boss drops instead.

Ice gloves was removed from shop and added to Ice Queen drops.


Lots of Slayer Monsters got brand new or drops adjusts:

Main Adjusts:

  • Kalphite Soldiers: Helm of Neitznot, +charms
  • Waterfiends: Fighter Torso, +charms
  • Cyclops: Guthix D'hide set + Fighter Hat +charms
  • Aviansies: Ranger Hat, Ava's Accumulator + charms
  • Spiritual Mage (Zamorak): Dragon Boots, Zamorak D'hide set, Zamorak Staff + charms
  • Spiritual Mage (Saradomin): Dragon Boots, Saradomin D'hide set, Saradomin Staff  + charms  
  • Aquanities: Fither Torso, Neitznot, +charms
  • Hellhounds: Rune Gountlets, Full black set, +charms
  • Aberrant Spectre: Miscellaneous, +charms
  • Dagannoths: Miscellaneous, +charms
  • Nechyrael: Dragon Boots.
  • Gargoyle: The frequency of Granite Maul drops was reduced.



Edgeville Marketplace


Now marketplace will be located bellow Edgeville bank:

The ::ge command will teleport players to this location, this was made to make players more close from each other, it's just useful to show that our has some popularity to newcomers.

Since it's far from edge wild, will not affect pking, however there are plans to avoid any interaction|spamming far from Edge wild affect players inside wild.




An invisible obstacle at wild entrace was also removed




Game Hint icon system rework


Now even if you're really far from the target, an arrow will appear on minimap, and once your target moves the arrow will move too.




Fixed a bug causing the arrow not appear on minimap when player is close from target.


Now like RS the arrow will flip based on the player distance from map edge to avoid hiding the arrow



10 new hint marks added to the game, each one with their respective minimap arrow.



Skill Level Up


Skill level up interface was reworked, it looks smoother and less glitchy now, and is way more efficient.






Death system was reworked

Teleport system was reworked

All Spider webs are now Slash-able

Avatars teleport has been removed.

Players will be facing the real position when entering a new region or upon log-in.

A system to avoid memory leak was created, allowing game to flow better and stay even longer on-line.

5K Premium Points from vote streak reward now requires 31 vote streaks point.

Running toggling was reworked.

Chaos Elemental Kills will no longer be announced




Agility no longer will disable running.

A few map flags with glitched animation were fixed.

Fixed a problem that Shop was buying items for alch price rather than shop price.

A problem with inventory updating when selling to shop was fixed.

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praise allah

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We did a great work, thank you guys, I hope this update boost wilderness again.

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Aye looks amazing. Thanks to everyone who helped with the creation of this.


Looking forward to tha future.

Edited by Tyler

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for real this is awesome,even i didnt read it all :troll: but i know everything about it tytyty boss

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Holy shit, this is huge! Great job! :D

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thank you for update pb


Edited by Pietro

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Two questions regarding the new slayer rewards.


1. Can we still get the vine piece as a drop if we don't have the crafting unlocked yet?

2. Does the Ring of Wealth increase chances of getting the vine piece?

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38 minutes ago, Cory said:

Two questions regarding the new slayer rewards.


1. Can we still get the vine piece as a drop if we don't have the crafting unlocked yet?

2. Does the Ring of Wealth increase chances of getting the vine piece?

Yes for both.

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