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Official Middleman application by: kissashley

Posted (edited)

In-game name(s): Kissashley


Age: 18, turning 19 on the 14th of January


Timezone: +1 GMT (The Netherlands)


Will you be active within the OMM team?: Yes; sadly enough I got kicked a few years ago for not reporting my break (on vacation) for 1 week.


How much do you usually play GrinderScape per day?: As I currently have vacation; I play alot! But usually on school days. 3-4 hours is do able. :)


Why do you deserve to be in this team?: Because iknow what it's like, I've been OMM before, when max was around. And I love helping people. I still feel that my OMM job wasn't finished when I got kicked, i still feel pretty bumped about that, which is why I'm trying it again! :)


Any other info: My biggest mm, was (when the duel arena system wasn't fixed) 14 vines vs 14 vines. As I felt pretty confident that I'd keep my OMM status I didn't screenshot it or whatever. But now that I heard trainee screenshots and so are required, I think my earlier experience will come in handy! For the rest I really appreciate this given chance by the staff team to give normal player a extra chance to help the community out more. Like without a staff rank still being there to help more then you already do. For the rest I am dice host and Super Donator, my argument back then was "Why would I throw 60$ away with a scam?" for the why do I deserve to be on this team, glad I got a different argument now! Like I said I really enjoy helping people, and I feel my work hasn't been finished.


I've done 3 trainees so far, they will be posted bellow. More will be added as they come by. :)



Edited by kissashley
Had to add link for the 6 pictures of mming.

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We have noticed you doing a good job so far, and it's nice to see you back. We do trust you, we just want to make sure you are 100% committed to being back, as you have just returned. Keep doing what you're doing, middleman for some more people, and I can definitely see you being on the team.

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