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Pls return SD to me

Hi there, so when i got unbanned a long time ago, i didn't have the super donor on my account, and havent had it since ive been unbanned.

Niels unbanned me so idk if he took it off my account or something when i got unbanned, i dont know, but what i do know is that i paid $40 Aussie dollars for it which isn't really cheap and When i donated for it i didn't read anything that said if i was banned i would lose it? I know plenty of people who have been banned as super donors and still have it, in fact; 2 of the people i know that still have super donor were banned for the same reason as me, so if i could get an answer to this that'd be greatly appreciated, didn't really care or think about the loss of it until now.

Cheers, Jamie - your loyal $40 donator. I pretty much bought rashed half a tub of protein powder so I think you could look into this for me?


Edit: I also have lost it on my "Ghrim" account, but as i don't play that everyday im not too fussed on getting that one back

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Case closed

Player knows what happened to his account

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