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Official Middleman application by: zoiezo

In-game name(s): Zoiezo


Age: 18.


Timezone: GMT+1 


Will you be active within the OMM team?: I will. 


How much do you usually play GrinderScape per day?: 4-6 hours a day more on weekends.


Why do you deserve to be in this team?:I feel like i've proved that i'm trustworthy, also i've noticed that on my timezone not alot of omms are available. I am really active wich means i'm available alot. 


Any other info: I've done 11 mms under overwatch but i can't add more images to the topic, because it said i've run out of space.













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Thanks for applying. You've done a very good job ingame lately and have done a good job with MM'ing. Although we need you to show more to prove yourself.
We need to make sure that your past activity has been buried into the past. This of course does not mean that you cannot get Middleman, but it will need much more effort.


Good luck

And please re-apply in no less than 1-2 weeks.

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