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Goals / Bank pic

So I just thought with me starting playing again I would post some goals that I have set for myself.


- 350m in all skills (big goal gonna take forever...)


- Get some of the boss pets (again a big goal but I wants them :hurr: )


- Achieve task master


- Acquire some good clue rewards


- Lvl up my ironman and eventually max it out


- Get a full set of castlewars armour on my main


Now this is my bank pic. I have lost a lot overtime due to staking etc ( I think my old bank pics are on here somewhere) but I am happy with where it is at now and won't really be doing any big stakes anymore.




Apologies the pic is bad (y)

bank pic.png

Edited by Woody

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Goodluck with your goals! 

You've set some challenging ones but ik you will get there,

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