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  1. very good app not sure if my comment counts but he has been playing for awhile and does know a lot about grinderscape but just keep working hard at what you are doing you'll have it in no time best of luck too you mate
  2. Death (6l6l6)

    thank you u guys I love yall comments and I hope I get it u guys are amazing
  3. In-game Name(s):6l6l6 Age:25 Timezone:(United States Central Time) Will you be active?:always active morning / all night How much do you usually play per day?:8 hours or more Why do you deserve to be in this group?:I think I deserve it because u do see me helping others online even newcomers or older players I am always on soon as I wake up until I go to bed sometimes I'm up all night I just like this server a lot n want to help it the best way I can I have applied before for this rank and I was decline do to being new to the server witch I respect... I feel like u guys need help and I just wanna help the best I can... I also have noticed a lot of people asking for a staff member or a middleman but no one is online to help...(Thanks for taking you're time out of your life to read this) Any other information: easy to work with chill dude no bullshit willing to help others the best I can
  4. Death (6l6l6)

    thanks zod i appreciate your words i feel we are all equal as humans and derevse a try at something so thats fine by me getting decline but it isnt going to stop me from helping others and approving the server i appreciate all you guys words and thanks once again
  5. Death (6l6l6)

    well thanks for the try guys but im going to still approve myself by helping others and doing the best i can thanks again guys
  6. Death (6l6l6)

    thanks man not at all ima just keep doing what i do and approve myself and the server thanks again guys
  7. Death (6l6l6)

    yes sir thanks ill keep working at it thanks again
  8. In-game Name(s):6l6l6 Age:25 Timezone:united states central time zone Will you be active?:always active most of the time How much do you usually play per day?:hours Why do you deserve to be in this group?:because most players on this server trust me explain #xan #jar n #nykiec Any other information:my name is timmy im just a dude that enjoys the server n love helping others n new people that join the server
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