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  1. In-game Name(s): TestingWater (Ironman), TestingW4ter (My "Main") Age: 23 Timezone: GMT+1 (UK) Will you be active?: Yes. How much do you usually play per day?: I usually play for 8-12+ Hours a day. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I'm not applying out a sense of feeling that I "deserve" to be given the role, however in my time online I see people calling for OMMs, and occasionally when Legends, Keelow isn't online, I feel that it's a void that I could fill in them times. I am active and proactive enough to be around during the times needed when no-one else is able to be able to fill the role of a OMM and I have a willingness to help those seeking a OMM. I've stated several times and had conversations with several players about the need for more OMMs within the game, and it seems that although some applications have gone in. These players applying at the moment just aren't as active as I am. Any other information: Not particually no, however, I'm always logged onto discord and when I'm around I'm online in the game, feel free to contact me for any further information.
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