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  1. Thanks dev and keelow
  2. @Lou Grinder @Legends @Lisa @Keelow @Isaac @Surgeon @Zod @xan @Barry
  3. @Lou Grinder i agree no double drops or double xp on non combat skills due to double drops is to OP and non combat has hourly
  4. Appreciate all the feedback hopefully @Lou Grinder sees this
  5. Connect

    Azure Santa 3.5b Fusha santa 3.5b Inverted santa 1.8b reg santa 850m colorful ween (from zod shop for 2b) selling for 1.75b if interested in any comment on here or send me a msg in game @connect
  6. Ok first things first.....we need a General store to sell ALL items to make prices reasonable not off the charts high or anything if you want you can get ahold of me for pricing (i have a pretty decent knowledge of what prices should be) Second....Items should be removed from the bloodmoney shop due to it making them come into game WAYYYYY to easy for example rapiers tbows serp helms and more are just way to easy to get with blood money they should be made to be grinded for thats the reason for tarn (for the tbow) zulrah for the serp and maybe add in a boss for the rapier or something...... The Supply is WAYYY to high and the demand is way to low due to the over population of these items...... Third......either do that or make items in the bm shop higher and getting bm harder....for example make rapier 2.5mill blood money and have duradel tasks only give 20k bm max and the other slay masters 5k bm max Ffourth..... Rares and other high tier items should have there own store they can be sold to this would also raise the prices of some items and would remove some (most) from the game which inturn would help the eco of the server..... Fifth..... There should be a well of good fortune at home..... GP / BM can all be put into the well for 3 Options for this bloodmoney will need to have a specific set amount of what its worth (keep it the same as it is) 1/2k........for this make it 500m for 1 hour of whichever option is chosen or 250k BM for whichever option is chosen (can not combine BM and GP to make the amount needed for the option chosen....(if needed message me in game and i will explain it a little better) Double XP in Combat skills Double XP in Non Combat skills Double drops There are more things i can think of these are just a few main things that need worked on ASAP again if ya wanna talk about any of this message me in game @Connect
  7. In-game Name(s): Connect / Justify Age: 26 (27 this friday) Timezone: Eastern USA Will you be active?: As much as i can (i have a 1 year old daughter that keeps me pretty busy but i usually get on daily) How much do you usually play per day?: anywhere from 1-8 hours just depends on how busy i am Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I just feel as if i see a lot of people needing MM's all the time and a lot of times other OMMs are busy or are not online at the same times that i am.....I also am one of the most trustworthy players that is not a OMM if you ask me....(Surgeon trust traded me pimpz santa just so i could see it with my outfit i also mm'd a FP game of over a 12b pot) i have no desire to take pixels from anyone i just enjoy people trusting me Any other information: I honestly dont really know what to say here just hope that some of the players on the server will back me up (if anyone reads this at all) i have been with the server since February and really enjoy playing it.
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