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  1. Bliznit

    As title describes i'm selling a colourful HWEEN. Send offers @pm ingame or on discord! Cheers, Bliz
  2. Bliznit

    Buying all votes and bones for prayer. 10m per vote (and or items if large quantity) and paying a good price for the bones depending on what kind of course. @PM me ingame or on discord! Cheers, Bliz
  3. Bliznit

    Thanks for all the help! Goodluck with whatever it is your moving onto! Hope to see you ingame soon!!!
  4. In-game Name(s): Bliznit Age: 22 Timezone: AWST (Perth Australia) Will you be active?: Yes Always. How much do you usually play per day?: Around 7+ hours daily Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I think i deserve to be in this group because im a friendly active player that is always wanting to help others. Any other information: I personally hate scammers and think this would be a good way to stop others from being scammed or atlest taking the risk. I feel this would be a good way to turn my big hours into having an active MM from a different timezone as i have noticed hours that i play theres normally not any MM's on. I was apart of GS many years ago but stopped playing after my PC cooked itself. Thanks for your time viewing my application. Cheers, Bliznit
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