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  1. man i really thought i would atleast receive a message saying something about this post but so far nothing ;(
  2. In-game Name(s): Bloodshootko, PixelPaladin. Age: 22 Timezone: Pacific Daylight Time. Will you be active?: Yes. How much do you usually play per day?: An hour or more a day. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I've been playing for some time now and understand the procedure for mm very well. I was recommended by staff for this position and am active daily to help with trade control. I would respect my position and would love to be able to benefit the server further then just being simply a regular player. Any other information: I very much enjoy the server and everything about this game! i would love to benefit this server further and spend more time in the server upon daily playtime to help the community. Thank you again, and hope to hear in the short future your response to me becoming a middle man.
  3. bloodshootko

  4. bloodshootko

    need to exchange two osrs tokens
  5. bloodshootko

    i need 3 osrs tokens trade for osrs! please help
  6. bloodshootko

    i have 3 osrs tokens in game im wanting to trade for osrs
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