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  1. Seven

    I've chatted with you a couple times in game, nice to see you on the forums
  2. Seven

    Loved the video dude keep it up!
  3. Seven

    Great idea Barry! See you there
  4. Seven

    Hey guys just thinking about an interactive way to get people to start voting more. What if you add a token into the vote store that costs x number of points, that token gets you into a hidden area where staff can hold drop parties and what not. So for example at the end of the month say its 150 voting points for the token, and Lisa decides to do a voter drop party, only the people with the token in their inventory can tele to the drop party spot. Or there's an npc outside the door and wont let you in unless you pay him a token. I dont know, just an idea, I dont even know if the way I've worded it makes sense. Thanks for reading, let me know if it's a good idea or not. -Seven
  5. Seven

    If you still want to post a picture for proof if you cant figure it out, I found a guide on here written by Legends on how to post images : Hopefully you get it sorted out, Cheers. -Seven
  6. Seven

    Welcome back! I look forward to meeting you in game west cheers brother -Eric
  7. Seven

    Thanks guys I look forward to getting to know you all
  8. Seven

    Hey guys My name is Eric, ingame is Seven. I'm from a little town just south of Toronto, Canada. I'm 23 years old, and I work in retail I like to have fun, make friends, chit chat and help out, add me in game and let's chat about sports, hockey, basketball, baseball. Or talk about video games, I play a lot of rocket league, I'm not that great but I try haha. Other than that I like chilling on GrinderScape, I still have to download the new cod so I dont really have an opinion in that yet haha. Anyways, if you have any questions ask away, I downloaded grinderscape Janurary 29th, 2019, on a different account, didnt really play too hardcore, but I'm a noob on the forums haha. I look forward to seeing you all in game -Eric
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