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    In-Game Username: Stitchezpk What is your experience with clan PKing or deep wilderness activity in general?: I would consider myself to have alot of knowledge in team pking from runescape and other servers. I am been in 4 different clans (still in the runescape one). I am a decent brid, not an expert nher yet. What would be your primary position? My preferred position is Tber ranger support, or tank ranger ( I am not scared to risk to give my team an advantage) Why do you want to join #divine? (Just out of curiosity) : I am very fascinated with pking in general. I have encountered some of your members in the wild. And only one was sucessful in killing me but for the most part pretty impressed. would like to be part of the team and contribute to makes us unstoppable How many hours a day do you put into this game: ranges between 4-12 Describe your in-game tendencies, what are you normally doing?: Doing wilderness bossing , and boss contracts. Do you understand the rules of the CC and agree to obey them?: I understand the rules completely Do you have Discord? If yes whats your Discord name?: my name on discord is Atem
  2. Start a classic to max. Will keep you updated!
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